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Gas Barbecues

Gas barbecues range in price from almost £300 to £3,000 so as you can imagine the choice can be bewildering so start off with thinking about how many people you are going to be cooking for; if you regularly entertain friends then the small grills are out of the question. If you are an occasional barbecuer who just cooks the standard fare then there is no point in splashing out on additional features you are not going to use, but if you really enjoy grilling and want to add to your repertoire of recipes then go for one to which you can add accessories in the future, such as a rotisserie, wok or Dutch oven. The advantage of gas over charcoal is that it heats up faster and there are no messy ashes to clean out; the Flavorizor Bars on the larger models give you the smokey taste that many purists claim can’t be achieved from gas. The minimum kit you need when starting out on the BBQ road is a 2 Piece Tool Set, Premium Heat-proof Gloves and a Digital Read Thermometer. The Barbecue Shop located in the store here at Ambleside is one of the largest dedicated BBQ stores in the country and specialises in Weber, Traeger, Ooni and Kadai, so do pop in and see us as we stock much more BBQ related merchandise than is available online.

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Gas Barbecues