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Our Most Sizzling Summer Yet


All About the Rubs

Barbecue Class
With Andrew Dickens


Barbecue Class
With Andrew Dickens

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Barbecue Shack


This year we are launching a new space for demonstrations, our barbecue shack will be home to more regular FREE barbecue demonstrations.

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LumberjAxe Appreciation Day - Sunday 28th 11am to 3pm

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All About the Rubs Barbecue Class


Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th September 12noon til 4pm

New Menu for 2024

Ever wondered what that rub, or sauce tastes like, then this is the class for you. Inspired by the rubs and sauces we sell this 3 to 4 hour, 8 dish class will get you salivating for more. During this class you will cook appetisers, sides, mains and even a dessert all cooked using a selection of rubs and sauces from A&O. During the course you will eat 8 different dishes cooked by yourself on barbecues from Weber, Traeger and Kamado Joe.

Please note that this class is created and ran by Hayes Garden World and not the team from Angus & Oink.

LOW, SLOW & SMOKING Barbecue Class


Saturday 21st September 10am til 4pm

Do you want to learn how to take things “LOW and SLOW” on your barbecue? Then our ‘Low, Slow & Smoking’ barbecue class is for you. From a reverse seared Ribeye steak to a full rack of baby back ribs this course will cover them all, 8 to 10 dishes that you get to cook and eat. You will be guided through this 6-hour course by top barbecue chef Andrew Dickens. During this class you will use grills from Weber, Traeger and Kamado Joe.

Taking things low and slow on a barbecue can be a daunting
task to some barbecuers and that is why we have created this specialist barbecue class to guide you. Andrew Dickens will take you through each stage of setting a barbecue up ready to go low and slow, prepping meats ready to smoke
and much more. Some dishes will take hours to cook whilst some won’t but that is why this class is six hours long.

All About Pizza Ovens Barbecue Class


Sunday 22nd September 12noon til 4pm

Our NEW “All About Pizza Ovens” Barbecue Class has been created to show you that you can cook more than just pizza’s in a pizza oven. Over the 3 to 4 hours class top barbecue chef Andrew Dickens will show a range of dishes
from sides to mains all cooked in a pizza oven.

All our classes are developed for all levels of skills whether
you are a complete novice or someone who is just looking for that golden nugget of information to take your skills to the next level Andrew will cover it all.

During this 3-to-4-hour class Andrew will also cover some of
the often-missed basic pizza oven tric and tips whilst you cook the dishes. During the course you get a chance to cook on a range of Pizza Ovens from Gozney and Ooni.

American Barbecue Class


Saturday 5th October

You may have done an American theme barbecue class with us before but this time its Andrew Dickens turn to give us his take on some classic ALL-AMERICAN dishes. You will get to cook and more importantly eat 8 dishes all with an American theme. You will be guided through this 3 to 4 hour course by top barbecue chef Andrew Dickens and get to use grills from Weber, Traeger and Kamado Joe.

When you think of barbecue you immediately think of American classic meat dishes; ribs, steaks, burgers, hot ‘n’ spicy chicken wings and the accompaniments of corn and barbecue beans. If this is your idea of BBQ heaven, then this course sets you off on the road to becoming a confident ‘pitmaster’ and wowing your family and friends with delicious BBQ food.    

Christmas Barbecue Class


Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November 12noon til 4pm

Please note these classes menu is a mixture of the past two years menus.

Who doesn't like a good feast at Christmas? Here at Hayes, we are firm believers that a barbecue is not just for summer but for all year round. We have secured one of the UK’s top barbecue chefs, Andrew Dickens. During the class you will cook and eat 10 festive dishes.

The course is suitable for both beginners and proficient barbecuers. This course will give you the confidence to try lots of dishes you wouldn’t normally tackle, and you will also learn about the different heat zones on your barbecue. Cooking the Christmas dinner on a conventional cooker usually involves a convoluted balancing act between cooking and trying to keep things warm so using your BBQ as an extra oven allows you to cook everything you need to at the correct time.

For these classes you will be using both Weber and Traeger Barbecues