We Care

Sustainability 🌍

See below for the sustainable initiatives we've undertaken at Hayes to positively contribute to the planet!

The Wheels on the Bus

We 💚 Public Transport

Our store is not only very accessible by bus for the public, the majority of our workers take our provided bus to and from work! We think it's a great way to cut emissions and allows our staff to get to work without the hassle and cost of a regular morning commute.

By providing this service, we've reduced our annual carbon footprint by 79 tonnes!

Making the Most of What We Have

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ♻️

We have reduced our waste by recycling around 65 tonnes of paper, card, plastics, polystyrene, glass and metal! Not only that, we also collect rain so we use less fresh water on our plants.

Only the Good Stuff

Local & Ethical Products 🛍️

Where possible, we try our best to stock local and ethical products. Not only do local products support the people around us, it also means our stock doesn't have to travel as far! What our stock is made of is also important to us - for example, a lot of our wooden products are made with lumber that is responsibly farmed from sustainable sources.

It's Electric in Here

Store Lighting 💡

We've managed to reduce our energy consumption up to 45% by using a combination of low voltage and LED lighting!