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Traeger Wood Fired Grills

The Traeger wood pellet grills must be one of the easiest bits of kit to use, just plug into the mains, fill the hopper, set the desired temperature, press start and away you go. The higher specification models are even easier, just place the temperature probes into the meat you are cooking and the grill will send an alert to your smartphone when your food is a couple of degrees off the cooked temperature. There is no need to turn the food as the heat circulates and cooks from every angle at the same time. As with a conventional BBQ you can cook anything you would cook in the kitchen. They vary in price from almost £500 for the basic Bronson to £1,850 for the top of the range Ironwood 850. The Traeger wood pellets are made from their own forests, where they replace the felled trees. Add a different dimension to the taste of your grilled food with flavoured pellets, such as cherry, pecan, hickory or alder. Check out our Youtube channel where we have a number of videos showing different recipes cooked on the Traeger and several technical videos showing how easy it is to replace the various parts, should the need arise. If you have any queries about the Traeger grills just call the team in The Barbecue Shop here in store at Ambleside.

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Traeger Wood Fired Grills