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Frosted Christmas Trees

Create a magical winter wonderland with a frosted or flocked artificial Christmas tree, they really evoke the spirit of a cold, snowy Christmas landscape. The artificial frosted Christmas trees just have a light dusting of white giving them a bluish tinge, however the flocked artificial Christmas trees are heavily encrusted with snow and really are the epitome of a Scandinavian snow-filled Christmas. Again these frosted and flocked Christmas trees are available pre-lit and without lights, the majority being warm white LEDs. The LEDs on our artificial Christmas trees last an average of 50,000 hours and are replaceable; we will supply spares for the lifetime of the tree. They are still the same top quality as the traditional green trees, many have the ultra-realistic PE (polyethylene) branches. These pre-lit and pre-decorated frosted and flocked snowy artificial Christmas trees can be left without any further decoration as the abundant cones and sprays of berries look just fantastic on their own. If you can't decide on colours read the blog explaining how to choose colours for your artificial Christmas tree. Complete the look with a harmonising wreath and garland. If you can't choose which tree to plump for just call our sales team who will be able to advise on which would be the best tree for your situation. FREE DELIVERY on all Christmas orders over £50 to most UK mainland addresses.

Frosted Christmas Trees
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Caroline Young
Christmas Buyer and Merchandiser
Caroline has been with the company for around 2 decades and as a trained florist is responsible for the inspirational displays around the store. She worked for several years in the Gift department and eventually became the chief buyer. She naturally progressed to be a buyer for the Christmas department, and along with Clara, travels extensively across the UK and Europe sourcing the finest quality decorations, lighting and trees. The stunning Christmas displays are all the inspiration and sheer hard work of Caroline. Our Christmas department takes a huge amount of work and needs to inspire our customers to try different colour combinations; often ones which may not immediately spring to mind. We also have to bear in mind that a lot of our customers associate the traditional red and gold with Christmas and don’t like to step out of the familiar, whereas the younger sector are more style driven when it comes to decorating their home for Christmas, often having a decorated tree in every room in the house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to buying an artificial flocked or frosted Christmas tree pay the most you can afford as some of the more budget trees shed an awful amount of the fake snow. All the flocked artificial trees shed some snow, especially some of the most heavily decked, so these trees are not a clean option, but they still make less mess than a real tree. Budget trees also tend to be quite sparse when compared to the better quality options on offer from Hayes. Consider whether you want a pre-lit tree or an unlit version, pre-lit trees are cost effective compared to buying an unlit tree and then spending more money on a lot of lights.  
If you already have strings of Christmas tree lights then it probably makes more financial sense to buy an unlit artificial Christmas tree, however bear in mind your artificial Christmas tree from Hayes will last at least 15 years so are your light strings going to last as long? Don’t forget you can always add more lights to a pre-lit tree for a truly stunning effect. Buying a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree saves you hours and a lot of stress, especially if you have just bunged the lights into a bag the previous year! All our trees are lighted with LEDs which are replaceable and we will replace these over the lifetime of the tree. Admittedly a pre-lit Christmas tree is more expensive but if you would rather spend time with family and friends then these trees are a no-brainer. Most frosted and snowy pre-lit trees come with warm or cool white lights however the new generation Iceland Fir with dual Cosmic LED lights switches from white to pastel shades to primary colours.
No, these trees are so easy to decorate, especially the snowy trees as the snow can serve as part of the decoration so just add some baubles in different sizes in a couple of contemporary Arctic colours. Try pairing icy blue with white and caramel or s soft antique rose gold. Crystal, soft moss green and cream also look stunning together. 

Buyers guide to frosted and snowy artificial Christmas trees

Create a magical wonderland with one of our frosted or snowy artificial Christmas trees, they are bang on trend at the moment and have been for the last couple of years. Many people have decorated trees in every room of the house and are looking for something totally different to the plain green tree. They look absolutely fabulous dressed in natural and Scandi colours; click here to see how you can achieve this look. They come in a range of sizes from 3ft to 8ft and in full width and slim versions. The slim artificial Christmas trees are ideal if space is limited or if you have a special doorway you wish to emphasise with a tree on either side. Create a fabulous first impression with one of these trees in a hallway or covered porch. The frosted trees only have a light dusting of frost whereas the snowy trees are thickly encrusted with flock. You can use this thick snow effect to reduce the number of decorations you need to make the tree look spectacular. Try sticking to just two colours of baubles in 2 – 3 sizes.

Click here to read the blog giving you ideas on how to decorate one of these snowy trees. The trees vary in size from 3ft to 8ft so whatever the space you have available there is a tree which will look spectacular in that location. The small 3ft trees come in a pot which would sit on a table or windowsill giving you a fabulous tree without taking up any valuable floor space. If you find putting lights onto the Christmas tree a huge chore then consider buying a pre-lit artificial tree and spend the time you save with friends and family. All our pre-lit trees have long-lasting LEDs which usually last an average of 50,000 hours. The bulbs are replaceable and we will supply spares for the life of the tree, which we estimate to be 15 years, just contact a member of our Customer Services team. The Dual Cosmic Light Iceland Fir has revolutionary lights which, at the flick of a switch, can be multi-coloured, pastel coloured or just plain white. These Arctic looking trees also feature Feel-Real branches, as do many of our artificial Christmas trees. These Feel-Real branches are modelled on real forest trees and are made from polyethylene (PE) and actually feel like a tree needle. The vast majority of our trees are covered by the Hayes Lifetime Warranty, 15 years, and covers any defects in manufacture or materials. All our artificial Christmas trees are sourced by our experienced Christmas buyers Clara Penhallurick and Caroline Young who have worked for many years in the Christmas department; Caroline is also a trained florist so you can be sure you will see some spectacular, inspirational displays.

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