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8ft and Over Christmas Trees

Make a statement at home this winter season with an 8ft Christmas tree. There’s no doubt that the taller the Christmas tree, the more impressive, so if you can accommodate an 8ft artificial Christmas tree, in an entrance hall for example, then it will be well worth the effort spent decorating. If you don't have the time to spend perfectly lighting your tree, then why not invest in one of our pre-lit artificial trees which have approximately 100 lights per foot of tree. LEDs are low energy and the average tree will cost less than a pound to run over the whole of the festive period. They are cool to the touch so no risk of fire. If you still want to personalise the tree with your own lights, click here to watch a video showing you how to put lights on the tree without getting into a mess. Frosted and snowy artificial trees are bang on trend this year with endless possibilities to decorate in stunning style; click here to get tips on colour schemes. Not everyone has the space for a large tree, so we have a large range of slim and pencil artificial trees, ideal for a small space. If you still don't have the space to accommodate one of these trees, consider a wreath or garland to decorate a sideboard, mantlepiece, fireplace or bannister. If you want to save some money this Christmas click here to get some tips on how to achieve this.  

8ft and Over Christmas Trees
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Clara Penhallurick
Christmas and Gifts Buyer
Clara has worked at Hayes Garden World for about 20 years and has risen to head Gift and Christmas buyer. Having worked in the Christmas department since joining Hayes she has an in depth knowledge of the requirements and likes of our customers. She has a particular love for Christmas spending many hours designing our spectacular displays. She keeps up to date with all the latest technology and current fashions. Our major suppliers all subscribe to the European design organisations who decide the colours for that season. Many of our customers like keeping to trending styles with various themed Christmas trees in all rooms of the house. Colours which would not sell a couple of years previously are now suddenly best sellers. The way to prevent you completely changing all your decorations every year, and saving a fortune, is to buy the majority of decorations in one colour and just change a few accent colours. Co-ordinating colours are Clara’s strength as you can tell from the beautifully harmonious displays in the Gift department.

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FREE 6ft Garland
Celebrate Christmas with our 9ft Decorators Artificial Christmas Tree. This artificial PVC Christmas Tree is constructed with hinged branches for easy assembly & would fit well in a large hotel foyer or business premises where its green needles would make a superb foil for your Christmas decorations. More Information...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pre-lit trees come with around 700 LED lights so we would recommend a similar amount as a base for trees that do not come pre-lit. You can always add more lights depending on your chosen aesthetic, even to pre-lit trees. 

A bigger tree also usually requires bigger decorations and more of them. We have written a blog post advising which decorations to choose for a large Christmas tree to help with decorating 8ft Christmas trees.
8ft Christmas trees are considered to be on the larger scale of a Christmas tree, however, if you have a large enough space to put your tree it can look very impressive. 8ft trees look wonderful in larger homes or even in a hotel reception or business foyer. We would recommend these trees are best suited in rooms with high ceilings of 9 foot or higher.  
Our 8ft Christmas trees have a lifetime guarantee of up to 15 years so they are certainly an investment that pays off over the years of marvel and enjoyment.  An 8ft Christmas tree has more tips and branches than a shorter or thinner tree, so to ensure that your tree always looks its very best, we also offer a 10-year guarantee on our artificial trees’ tips and branches. We will replace any tree that loses more than 3% of its tips. Similarly, the LED lights on our 8ft pre-lit trees are guaranteed for 15 years. We will supply free replacement bulbs if issues do occur. Likewise, we will send a replacement transformer if this is faulty.  

8ft Christmas Tree Buyers Guide

We stock 8ft tall Christmas trees pre-decorated with frosted branches and pinecones so you can just add the final festive touches with some large baubles and ribbon. If you are up for the challenge of decorating from scratch, we also stock bare trees so you can create your own Christmas theme. With an 8ft tree, we recommend hanging 100+ large baubles for a lightly decorated tree and you can always add more decor to finish the look. 

Our 8ft artificial Christmas trees are available either unlit or pre-lit with white warm LEDs, which can come in handy with bigger trees and can save time whilst still being impressive. A pre-lit tree also runs at low costs and can help you save energy. Some of our pre-lit trees have transformers starting at 8W all the way up to 32W and 8W transformers can cost just £1.75 to run for 12 hours a day for 4 weeks. If you prefer to light your tree yourself, we stock an impressive range of Christmas tree lights perfect for our 8ft trees which usually require between 20-30m of LED lights.

Taller trees are big enough to fit in spacious rooms or even in the foyer of an office space or hotel. With a larger tree comes a big decision on which one to choose to best suit your home so we have put together some advice on how to choose a large Christmas tree on our blog.