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Christmas Tree Lights

Christmas tree lights can come in many different forms apart from the usual single string. The majority of our lights are LEDs which are low voltage, cheap to run and cold to the touch so perfectly safe if there are children in the house. The Polestar lights can be spread out into a starburst and pushed into a tree, formed into a ball they can be used as a tree topper. We recommend that to get a reasonably decent effect you need at least 100 lights per foot of tree. The compact lights are spaced fairly close together so you will need more of these if you wind them onto each branch. Don’t choose the cluster lights if they are going onto a tree as they consist of hundreds of lights but only on a short length of cable; they are more suited for dressing garlands or winding round the bannister. Click here to watch the video and read the blog explaining how to put lights onto your Christmas tree. The net lights are ideal for just throwing over an outdoor tree for a quick lighting solution. Icicle lights, usually used for decorating around the gutters, look fantastic on a thick snowy tree as they resemble dripping icicles.

Christmas Tree Lights


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