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Luxury Christmas Trees

The Hayes Garden World luxury artificial Christmas trees all have either the majority or the whole of their branches moulded on real branches and made from polyethylene (PE) to give you the Feel Real experience. Many of them also feature the Power Connect lighting system which makes it the simplest method of lighting a tree, the tree lights up as you connect each section, so no more fiddly connections to unearth from inside the tree branches. Some also feature the Memory Wire branches which automatically fall into shape when you construct the tree, they just need a bit of tweaking the first time you erect the tree. These trees all carry the Hayes Lifetime Warranty, estimated to be about 15 years, so you can plan your opulent Christmas with confidence, and it could be a lot less expensive than you think. Delivery is FREE to most UK mainland addresses on any order over £50. If you would like any advice on choosing your tree please just call a member of our sales team.

Luxury Christmas Trees
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Luxury Christmas Trees







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Luxury Christmas Trees

All the luxury artificial Christmas trees sold by Hayes feature the ultra-realistic PE (polyethylene) branches; not only do they look like real conifers but also have the same waxy feel. These branches are cast in moulds taken from real trees giving you a tree that looks indistinguishable from the real thing. To get that authentic experience just hang some pine scented Scentsicles in the branches.


Why spend extra on a luxury artificial Christmas tree?

When you buy a luxury artificial Christmas tree you can have confidence that it will last far longer than the standard artificial trees which have the normal PVC branches. You also get a tree which has been constructed to the very highest standards using only the best quality materials. These trees also feature the latest technology in the form of Memory Wire which takes hours off the time it takes to fluff out your tree to give you a full luxurious tree. All it takes is a little time to position the Memory Wire branches into a pleasing shape the first time you use the tree, thereafter the branches will drop into this shape as soon as you take it out of the box. All the luxury pre-lit trees from The National Tree Company have the capability of linking to your music playlist via the Bluetooth Music Match system; this enables your tree lights to dance in time to your music, great for keeping the kids occupied!


Why opt for a pre-lit tree?

Putting Christmas tree lights onto an unlit tree can take a substantial amount of time especially if you didn’t store them properly the previous year and you’re faced with a tangled rats nest to try and unravel; click here to read the blog giving you tips on how to store your Christmas lights. Many of us like to personalise our trees by putting on our own combination of coloured lights; you can still do this with a pre-lit tree, just use the trees lights as a base to which you can add even more lights. Click here to read the blog and watch the video showing how to put Christmas lights onto a Christmas tree. Our artificial Christmas tree lights are replaceable LEDs which should last an average of 50,000 hours. LEDs are cool to the touch, especially important if you have small children in the house, and being low voltage are very cheap to run. Hayes will supply you with spare bulbs over the lifetime of the tree, an estimated 15 years.


Are the luxury Christmas trees only available in the traditional green?

Our luxury trees are also available with a smattering of frost or snow which is the ideal base if you love a wintery cool palette of decorations. Currently in vogue is a cool Scandi palette of pale blue, white, crystal, animal heads, natural materials such as birch and twig decorations and fur, add a complimentary colour of cream or apricot to break up the cold feel. Our best-selling Dorchester Pine has a frosty appearance and cones to start off your decorating. If you don’t feel confident putting together a colour co-ordinated range of decorations you can just get away with one colour on the Dorchester; try a rusty red, sage green, copper, apricot or antique rose gold. Click here to read the blog giving you ideas on which colours go together.