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Artificial Christmas Trees

Here at Hayes Garden World we stock one of the most extensive and varied selections of top quality artificial Christmas trees in the UK. Artificial Christmas trees are now more realistic than ever and are convenient, long lasting and look just beautiful when decorated well. The Feel Real trees are a mixture of PVC and polyethylene (PE) with the PE around the outside and the PVC in the centre of the tree which, once you have laden the tree with decorations, won't be seen. The PE branches are cast from moulds of real forest trees for that realistic touch. The majority of our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees feature LED lights which should last 10,000 hours, which equates roughly to 40 years. They are low voltage and cool which means that they only cost a few pence to run over the festive period and being cool are essential if there are small children in the house. Frosted and snowy artificial trees are a sure-fire winner with Hayes customers and can look stunning when decorated: click here to read the blog giving you some ideas on what decorating palette suits these gorgeous trees.

Artificial Christmas Trees
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Clara Penhallurick
Christmas and Gifts Buyer
Clara has worked at Hayes Garden World for about 20 years and has risen to head Gift and Christmas buyer. Having worked in the Christmas department since joining Hayes she has an in depth knowledge of the requirements and likes of our customers. She has a particular love for Christmas spending many hours designing our spectacular displays. She keeps up to date with all the latest technology and current fashions. Our major suppliers all subscribe to the European design organisations who decide the colours for that season. Many of our customers like keeping to trending styles with various themed Christmas trees in all rooms of the house. Colours which would not sell a couple of years previously are now suddenly best sellers. The way to prevent you completely changing all your decorations every year, and saving a fortune, is to buy the majority of decorations in one colour and just change a few accent colours. Co-ordinating colours are Clara’s strength as you can tell from the beautifully harmonious displays in the Gift department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a well-made artificial tree with real-feel branches and memory wire will last a long time and look magnificent in your home. Pre-lit artificial trees are also a good choice as they remove the stress of tangled wires and have an even distribution of light for an enchanting effect. Choosing a tree comes down to personal taste, be that a frosted look or classic green spruce style. It will also depend on the room the tree will be in and how much space you have available.  
Buying a pre-lit tree will be more expensive than a tree with no lights. These trees have been designed to have the perfect amount of lights and to be tangle and hassle free. If buying a tree with no lights, you may choose to purchase lights separately. This can then make the overall cost more than a pre-lit tree. Running a pre-lit tree costs just a few pounds for the whole Christmas period. All bulbs are also replaceable so you wouldn’t need to buy a whole new set of lights, or a new tree, if just one bulb stops working.  
Many modern artificial Christmas trees have memory wire branches. This means that even after they have been packed away they will easily return to their shape when assembled the next year. This makes them incredibly easy to store away. It’s a good idea to store your tree in a water resistant bag just in case of any leaks in cellars or lofts. Put it away in its box once wrapped in the bag and keep it in a cool dry place.  
Try to opt for a tree at the very top of your budget. A budget tree could look cheap with large gaps and unrealistic branches. Check how many tips the tree has, the more tips the thicker and bushier the tree. The very best trees feature Feel-Real branches which are modelled on real forest trees and are made from polyethylene (PE) which feels like the waxy needles of a fir tree.  High quality trees also come with memory wire branches for total ease of use. Paying more for a premium tree will save money as cheap trees will likely need replacing much sooner.  

Artificial Christmas Trees Buying Guide

All of our artificial Christmas trees, from table top varieties to 8ft firs, are the highest quality. Many are moulded on the shapes of real trees and have a true-to-nature effect for the ultimate realistic looking tree. Gone are the days of rigid fake Christmas trees. We stock a huge range of shapes and sizes, including slim trees for smaller spaces and classic 5ft trees that are ever popular. 

Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree is a cost effective choice, with many lasting as long as 15 years. Add to this the ease of assembling and packing away, and not having to clear up pesky pine needles and it’s obvious why so many people opt for artificial Christmas trees. Every tree in our range adheres to safety standards and comes with a lifetime warranty. With a huge variety to choose from, you can take your pick according to your individual tastes. You can find advice on which tree is best for you in our guide, ‘How to choose your artificial Christmas tree.

Some of our best selling Christmas trees are pre-lit. Pre-lit artificial trees have energy efficient LED bulbs that give over 50,000 hours of light. They are also completely replaceable and we provide spare bulbs for the entire time you have the tree. Traditional green trees are also very popular but frosted and snow covered artificial trees are also growing in popularity. Customers looking for more opulent Christmas decor are sure to find it amongst our luxury artificial Christmas trees.

A simple green artificial tree can be decorated in so many beautiful ways, from scandi chic, to modern boho or traditional red and gold. Pre-decorated trees, with festive pine cones, red berries and smatterings of snow can be enhanced with your own decorations for a decadent and inviting Christmas display.  Complement your tree with matching wreaths and garlands and add clusters of lights inside so your tree and accessories shine from every angle.

Choosing a pre-lit artificial tree

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pre-lit Christmas tree but aren’t sure about the extra energy use over winter, you can rest assured that pre-lit trees are a value-for-money solution. Pre lit Christmas trees each have a transformer, with the lowest starting at 8W and the most powerful reaching 32W. To light a tree with an 8W transformer for four weeks at 12 hours a day, you would expect to pay around £1.75. For a tree with a 32W transformer, you would pay around £6.75 for the same amount of time.