Choosing Your Artificial Christmas Tree

Sep 27
POSTED BY Julie Parker
Choosing Your Artificial Christmas Tree

We have a wide choice of Artificial Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes & price brackets to suit every pocket, but how do you choose your ideal tree? Our article on PE trees offers some advice on choosing the right size tree for your home & also explains the difference between PVC & PE trees. Having attended many Christmas trade fairs we must also point out that there is a difference between the standard of trees from one company to another. We only stock the best quality trees so you know that you can choose a tree from us with confidence. In fact our PVC trees have an expected life of at least 10 years & our PE/PVC trees at least 15 years & both come with our Lifetime Guarantee. Once you have looked at the practicality of what size tree you want & how much you have to spend, it all comes down to which trees you like the look of. This article will try to point out the features of the trees that we have on offer to help you compare these trees & make your final decision. Our Christmas blog also has lots of information about our trees & the different technologies available to make every year a Christmas to remember.

Pre-lit Artificial Tree or not?

Our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come with 50,000 hour, energy efficient LED lights which should last for the life of the tree. The lights have a diffuser cover over the bulb which softens the light whilst giving it the look of a traditional filament bulb. The lights come on a lightweight green cable that is wound around the branches throughout the tree producing a generous, evenly lit tree with less conspicuous wiring. The effect that is produced is not one that would be easily replicated if you were adding your own lights to the tree & saves a lot of time when it comes to decorating your tree at Christmas.

The new LED trees also take the hassle out of finding a faulty bulb. The bulbs are easily replaceable if one becomes faulty & although you will get plenty of spares with your tree we are offering to provide you with extras, for up to 5 years from purchase, if you need them. If one bulb blows it is still making a circuit so it will be the only one that goes out & can be easily spotted & replaced. If one bulb is faulty or loose, say after storage, it will break the circuit & nine bulbs will go out. It is just a matter of checking each of the nine is properly in place then if they still don’t light, swapping all of the nine, one at a time, with a bulb that you know works & replacing the faulty one. You don’t need to test the whole tree!

PVC or PE/PVC Mix?

This comes down to personal preference & price. In general our PVC trees are darker green in colour than the PE/PVC mixed trees unless they are ‘snowy’. The selection is not as large as the PE/PVC mixed trees but we still stock them in a range of sizes including slim, pencil & pre-lit. Our top of the range PVC trees are priced at a similar level to some of the PE/PVC mixed trees.

We have a fabulous selection of PE/PVC mix trees which range in size from 3ft to 12ft, many designs in half & full sizes including slim, pencil, pre-lit & snowy trees. The entry level trees in this range are the Bayberry & the Liberty Pine, both stunning trees but slightly more affordable than some of the other trees on offer. Our mixed trees are approximately 70% PE with the remainder being made up of PVC branches. This makes the trees cheaper than a 100% PE tree whilst also making them lighter, if weight is a consideration. The PVC adds extra interest by introducing a different texture & helps to give depth to the tree whilst concealing the central stem. Many of the trees also have their branches hand wrapped with green/brown cotton for a touch of luxury. Our article on PE trees explains why these trees are the most realistic looking trees we stock because moulds of real trees are used to create the branches.

Armed with this information you can now look through our selection of trees which are provided below with a brief description so that you can compare between them. If there is a 7ft tree in the range, details of width, tips & lights are given for direct comparison.

PVC Artificial Christmas Tree

All our PVC trees have strong branches which are wired to the ends, making a good support for hanging Christmas decorations.

Boulder Pine (7ft)

Boulder Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 137cm (54"), tips 1381

This is a nice full looking PVC tree which is dark green in colour with a mix of bristles on brown branches, some with a slight sheen.

Columbia Slim Spruce (4.5ft - 6.5ft)

Columbia Slim Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

No 7ft tree in stock but dimensions are – width 114cm (45"), tips 1027

A slim range of green PVC spruce trees in a good range of sizes. This is a very affordable tree if you have restricted space. It has a nice full appearance and can be assembled in just minutes.

Dunhill Fir (Pre-lit 12ft, 15ft & 20ft)

Awaiting image

No 7ft tree – 12ft tree width 203cm (80"), tips 7794, lights 1200

The Dunhill Fir is the only pre-lit 12ft tree that we stock & with its 1200 lights makes it an affordable option for a large space. It is also the only type of tree that we stock in a size over 12ft. In comparison to the other PVC trees it has a large number of tips for its size and a generous number of lights.

Glittery Bristle Slim Pine (4ft entrance & 5ft - 8ft)

Glittery Bristle Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 104cm (41"), tips 812

This PVC tree lives up to its name with the glittering sparkle on its mixed bristle branches. It is a slim tree decorated with snow & cones.

Glittery Gold Pencil Pine (4ft Pre-lit Entrance & 5ft - 7ft)

Glittery Gold Pencil Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 94cm (37"), tips 694

A similar tree to the Glittery Bristle Pine but with sparkling golden tips & cones. This tree is also a pencil tree making it a slimmer alternative but not as slim as the Kingswood Pencil Fir.

Kingswood Pencil Fir (6ft - 7.5ft including pre-lit)

Kingswood Pencil Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 74cm (29"), tips 892, lights 300

A nice slim, mid-green PVC tree if you are short of space but still want a good display. It has long wired, bristle branches with a brown stem & plenty of tips for a pencil tree - more than any other pencil tree we stock. It is also our slimmest tree.

Lakeland Slim Spruce (7ft including pre-lit)

Lakeland Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 102cm (40"), tips 845, lights 450

This slim tree has a nice neat outline & a frosted appearance due to the lighter colour of the needles on the tips of the branches. It also has frosted cones giving a wintry look which would look good with cool blues & whites.

Nordic Pine (6ft – 8ft including pre-lit)

Nordic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 137cm (54"), tips 1205, lights 450

This bushy looking tree has an attractive mix of long-needled branches in a range of designs & is decorated with large pine cones. This is a nice option if you like the Boulder Pine but would prefer a pre-lit tree.

North Valley Spruce (4.5ft – 12ft)

North Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 120cm (47"), tips 1096

The North Valley Spruce is a nice full looking tree with a dark green appearance. It comes in a good range of sizes that won’t break the bank!

Venetian Fir (4.5ft - 12ft)

Venetian Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 1800

The Venetian Fir is a bushy PVC tree with long branches in mid-green. It is wider at the base than many of the trees & has more tips than the other PVC trees. The branches are all wired giving you endless possibilities for hanging your decorations.

Pre-lit Winchester Pine (6ft - 8ft)

Winchester Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 142cm (56"), tips 982, lights 500

The Winchester Pine is a really nice PVC tree which is great if you are on a budget. It has a mix of long & short needle branches which come in multi-tone shades of green giving it depth & interest. all the branches are wired meaning you aren't limited to where you hang your decorations. It may have fewer tips than most of the other PVC trees but the lights make up for it.

Wintry Pine (6ft & 7ft including pre-lit)

Wintry Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 94cm (37"), tips 558, lights 350

This lovely PVC tree hardly needs decorating. It has a selection of different types of branches from thinner plain green to long bristled ones with white frosted tips. The tree is decorated with cones & clumps of bright red berries giving a festive feel. It is a slim tree but is actually the same width as the Glittery Gold Pencil Pine.

Memory-Shape PE/PVC Mix Artificial Christmas Trees

Our Memory-Shape artificial Christmas trees have strong memory wired branches to retain their shape from year to year & the pre-lit options come with PowerConnect lights which automatically connect as the tree is put together, all saving you lots of time at a busy time of year. They tend to have a higher tip count & larger number of lights than the standard PE/PVC mix trees.

Deluxe Fraser Fir (4.5ft - 7ft including slim & pre-lit)

Deluxe Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Pre-lit Deluxe Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft slim tree - width 119cm (47“), tips 2916, lights 600

7ft tree – width 165cm (65“), tips 3746, lights 700

This stunning, top of the range tree is the widest tree & the most expensive tree we have & all its branches have Memory-Shape technology. Its long thin, finger-like PE branches have moulded tips & make a distinctive outline offering plenty of choice for hanging decorations. The shorter PVC branches are slightly bushier & have a brown central stem. The full width tree has a generous 100 lights per foot of tree with even more on the 9ft tree making an impressive display for your Christmas festivities.

Nordic Spruce (4.5ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Nordic Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft slim tree - width 117cm (46"), tips 2820, lights 500

7ft tree – width 147cm (58“), tips 3358, lights 700

The pre-lit tree is featured as the Independent 'Best Buy' for the best artificial Christmas trees for Christmas 2016.

The Independent Best Buy for the best artificial Christmas trees 2016

This top of the range tree has longer, thinner needles than the other Memory-Shape trees giving it a softer look with slightly fewer tips. All its branches have Memory-Shape technology which will make your display quicker in the future. The full size tree also has a generous 100 lights per foot of tree to make a great lighting display.

Smokey Mountain Fir (4.5ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Smokey Mountain Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Smokey Mountain Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft slim tree - width 104cm (41"), tips 3628, lights 600

7ft tree – width 145cm (57“), tips 5085, lights 750

The Smokey Mountain Fir is another top of the range tree which has a similar shape to the Deluxe Fraser Fir but with a more rounded outline as the branches have slightly longer needles that curve down to the tips. The tree is not quite as wide as the Fraser but, in comparison, the 7ft Smokey Mountain full size tree has 50 more lights & a whopping 5085 tips compared to 3746.

PE/PVC Mix Artificial Christmas Trees

Avalon Spruce (5ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Avalon Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 127cm (50"), tips 1883, lights 500

7ft slim tree – width 97cm (38“), tips 1128, lights 400

The Avalon Spruce is great value for money with its combination of size, number of lights & number of tips on its PE & PVC branches. The PE branches are fairly slim with nicely rounded ends so it is an easy tree to decorate. In general, the slim tree is a couple of inches narrower than many of the other slim trees.

Bayberry Spruce (4.5ft – 12ft including pencil, slim & pre-lit)

Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft pencil tree - width 81cm (32"), tips 724

7ft slim tree - width 107cm (42"), tips 1058, lights 450

7ft tree – width 140cm (55“), tips 1539, lights 600

Although this is one of our entry level mixed PE trees it is also one of our most popular which is why it is available in lots of different options. Its PVC branches blend in well with the larger PE branches that have nicely rounded tips. All the branches are wired so they will hold your baubles or other decorations & can easily be arranged for a great Christmas display. This tree has a lush green appearance with a full width diameter base.

Colorado Spruce (12ft, Frosted - 4.5ft - 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Frosted Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft frosted tree – width 155cm (61“), tips 1989, lights 600

7ft frosted slim - width 102cm (40"), tips 1193

The Colorado Spruce is a good looking tree with a blue/green hue to its wide branches. All the tips are wired making it easily arranged for a good display & providing a strong base for your decorations. The PE branches also have an attractive round, moulded tip which resemble an immature cone.

The frosted tree (second image) is similar but is more glaucous in colour with a white frosting & comes decorated with real pine cones.

Frosted Dover Blue Slim Spruce (6ft & 7ft including pre-lit)

Frosted Dover Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 107cm (42“), tips 1063, lights 500

This is a slim tree with a narrow shape & nicely rounded, typical spruce type branches with a frosted appearance. It has large cones scattered around the tree & a good number of tips & lights for a slim tree.

Frosted Vermont Spruce (7ft)

Awaiting image

7ft tree – width 127cm (50“), tips 1604

This tree has been popular with its light frosty coating to the branches. Compared to the 7ft Frosted Colorado it is narrower & has over 300 fewer tips but it is cheaper. It does have the same number of tips as the 7ft Frosted Dover Blue Spruce but this is a slim tree so on the whole you are getting what you pay for.

Grand Fir (6ft - 8ft including pre-lit)

Grand Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 137cm (54“), tips 3590, lights 550

The Grand Fir is an impressive tree which is only beaten by the Smokey Mountain Fir in the number of tips. The PE needles resemble those on the Nordic Spruce & are quite slim & have a slight curve giving it a feathery look.

Grande Pencil Fir (7ft)

Awaiting image

7ft tree – width 81cm (32“), tips 796

The Grande Fir is a pencil tree with a nice slim shape, ideal where space is limited. The 7ft tree is the same width as the Bayberry Pencil but has more tips as the Bayberry has quite wide branches.

Hampton Spruce (6.5ft & 7.5ft including frosted & pre-lit)

Awaiting image

No 7ft tree, 7.5ft tree – width 150cm (59“), tips 2666, lights 700

The Hampton Spruce has a nice open feel just like a real tree with plenty of tips & room for larger baubles.

Kensington Fir (6ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Kensington Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 140cm (55"), tips 1830, lights 500

No 7ft slim tree, 7.5ft – width 109cm (43“), tips 1445

The Kensington Fir is a very attractive tree with narrow needles on its bushy branches. It is a wider tree than the Avalon Spruce but is fairly comparable in other respects & is one of our least expensive PE/PVC trees.

Lakewood Spruce (6ft – 7.5ft including pre-lit)

Lakewood Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 137cm (54“), tips 1372, lights 500

The Lakewood Spruce is a another good looking tree, it resembles the Bayberry Spruce but with a darker spine to the branches & the combination of smaller width, fewer tips & lights make it less expensive.

Liberty Pine (4.5ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Liberty Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Liberty Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 132cm (52“), tips 2047, lights 550

7ft slim tree – width 97cm (38“), tips 1810, lights 450

If you want a tree that stands out on its own then the Liberty Pine is ideal. It has an interesting mix of branches & cones with glittery & flocked coatings. The standard tree is quite narrow in shape if space is restricted but it is also available in slim.

Nobleman Spruce (6ft - 8ft)

Awaiting image

7ft tree – width 147cm (58“), tips 1148

The Nobleman Spruce is a similar but green version of the Snowy Nobilis with the same width & number of tips. It has the same layered structure with an obvious central trunk & rounded needles on branches which are flattened underneath. It offers plenty of spaces for hanging baubles & wrapping garlands & looks just like a real tree.

Nordic Spruce (4.5ft – 5.5ft including pre-lit)

Nordic Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Nordic Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 160cm (63“), tips 4238, lights 800

This is the non Memory-Shape version which is a light green tree with a larger than average number of tips & lights because it is an eleven layer mixed tree producing a full looking display. This is the fullest tree on the market and looks incredible. Only the leading tip on each branch is wired which slightly limits which branches you can use to hang baubles & makes it a medium strong tree. There are however so many branches on this tree, you will not be short of somewhere to hang your decorations.

Nordmann Fir (7ft & Snowy 4ft - 12ft)

Nordmann Fir

Snowy Nordmann Fir

7ft tree – width 147cm (58“), tips 935

The Nordmann Fir has flattened PE needles which are quite long & well defined in a dark green shade with lighter green tips. The branches are fairly strong & the outer stems reasonably well spaced leaving plenty of room for hanging baubles or decorations.

The Snowy Nordmann is a similar tree but comes with a flocked coating to its branches with a thicker coating on the larger outer branches. The branches are very flexible & the needles can also be twisted to just the right angle to improve your display. There will be some 'snow' drop from this tree but it adds to that wintry effect. Compared to the Snowy Nobilis this tree has fewer tips as the branches tend to be thicker.

Normandy Fir (6ft)

Normandy Fir Dual Light Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 147cm (56“), tips 2379, lights 650

The Normandy Fir is a dark green tree which looks nice & full because of the generous number of tips. All the tips are wired making it easier to display your Christmas decorations whilst providing a strong support.

Northern Frasier Fir (6ft & 7ft including pre-lit)

Awaiting image

7ft tree – width 135cm (53“), tips 2579, lights 550

The Northern Frasier Fir compares favourably with the Weeping Spruce, the 7ft trees are similar in price but the Northern Frasier Fir is slightly narrower & has nearly 300 more tips. Its long finger-like branches are narrow with a central brown stem & the good number of tips offer plenty of places for hanging decorations.

Norwegian Spruce (5ft - 7.5ft including potted)

7.5ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 2364,

The Norwegian Spruce is a lovely looking tree with strong wired branches. There are a mix of PVC branches which are mainly found further back & PE branches with well defined needles that are slightly flocked making them a lighter green.

Preston Fir (5ft - 8ft including pre-lit & slim)

Preston Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 142cm (56"), tips 3304, lights 600

7ft slim tree – width 107cm (42“), tips 994, lights 450

The Preston Fir full size tree has a generous number of narrow branch tips only beaten by the Grand Fir & the Memory-Shape trees, offering plenty of options for hanging decorations.

Scandinavian Fir (4.5ft - 5.5ft & 8ft including Dual Light)

Scandinavian Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Scandinavian Fir Dual Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 137cm (54"), tips 2047, lights 600

The Scandinavian Fir is a nice full looking tree in mid-green with a mix of fairly long, PE & PVC branches in different diameters. It is slightly narrower at the base with slightly fewer tips than some of the other full width PE/PVC trees but not noticeably so. It is also available with 9 function dual coloured lights to suit your decorations or your mood!

Snowy Concolor (9ft only)

Snowy Concolor Artificial Christmas Tree

9ft tree – width 180cm (71“), tips 2756

This tree has a frosted coating of snow on its green branches & is decorated with cones.

Snowy Nobilis Fir (5ft – 12ft)

Snowy Nobilis Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 147cm (58“), tips 1148

This tree has a strong layered outline with a visible central stem in brown. The branches are well spaced & quite flexible with the ability to twist the flocked needles to improve your display. This tree offers plenty of room for hanging decorations & a little 'snow' fall to make it Christmassy. Compared to the Snowy Nordmann this tree has more tips.

Tiffany Fir (5ft - 8ft including pre-lit & slim)

Tiffany Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 142cm (56"), tips 2527, lights 650

7ft slim tree – width 107cm (42“), tips 1678, lights 550

Both the full width & slim versions of this tree have a good number of tips & a larger number of lights than most of the other non Memory-Shape trees. It ia a darker green than most of our other PE/PVC mix trees, a colour normally resticted to PVC trees if you like a darker tree.

Washington Valley Spruce (6ft - 8ft including pre-lit & slim)

Washington Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 147cm (58"), tips 2818, lights 550

No 7ft slim tree, 7.5ft tree – width 112cm (44“), tips 1714

This Washington Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas tree has long slim PE & PVC branches which will support plenty of decorations to create a fabulous Christmas display. The PE branches have moulded tips like the Colorado but the branches are much narrower in comparison. It is a fairly wide tree with a good number of tips & lights for a very reasonable price.

Weeping Spruce (5ft – 8ft including slim & pre-lit)

Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 140cm (55“), tips 2285, lights 550

7ft slim tree - width 102cm (40"), tips 1483

The Weeping Spruce is a lighter green than some of the other PE/PVC trees & has a mix of narrowing wired & unwired tips producing a lovely weeping habit. This combination of branches results in a tree that is not designed to take heavy baubles but needs decorating sympathetically in keeping with its delicate habit.

Windsor Spruce (6ft - 8ft including pre-lit)

Windsor Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Windsor Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 1652, lights 350

Our Windsor Spruce has a lovely blue-green tint with layered branches which are well spaced, giving plenty of room for larger decorations & garlands. The tree has such a strong character with its obvious central trunk that a minimalist look would be equally attractive. It has a fairly wide base but tapers quite quickly to give a narrow profile.

100% PE Artificial Christmas Trees

Eden Pine (7.5ft only)

Eden Pine 100% Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Tree

7.5ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 4579,

The Eden Pine has strong moulded PE branches in a mixture of light green & almost grey green coloured needles. The needles are smoothly rounded & flattened & the branches are well spaced giving the tree a layered, neat defined look. Plenty of room for hanging larger baubles or decorations on the main branches.

Hopefully this article will have answered many of the questions you have about our choice of trees but if you need further help please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

Here at Hayes Garden World we are proud of our service and thankfully the majority of our customers think so too, so you can order with confidence. If you do have a problem our sales team are only too happy to sort it out to your satisfaction; click here to check out the team if you would like to speak to someone in particular.

My interest in gardening & wildlife stemmed from childhood days spent working in the garden with my parents & reading books on anything from robins to giraffes. As time has moved on these influences have stayed with me inspiring the creation my own garden & leading to interests in fish keeping & the natural world around me. I still love to read & hope that the knowledge I gain will make topical reading through these articles.
kathy percy
kathy percy

would like to buy a Christmas tree do you deliver to United States?? if not where could I get and English pine Christmas tree from the manufacturers or anywhere else???


about how much time does it take to shape a 7'  artificial tree right from the box?


How lucky Hayes Garden World are to have Janice as a member of their team. She possesses what seems these days to be that rare gift of understanding what customer service means. She took time to listen to my needs and then made suitable recommendations based on her obvious knowledge of the different types of trees available. She was very patient and did not make a fuss when I changed my mind within an hour of placing my original order and selected a different tree.

The tree I finally chose (Fraiser Grande) is beautiful and incredibly life-like. It is a real investment piece. The quality is excellent and well worth the money.

This is not one of those companies where you merely talk to someone in a call centre who does not have the faintest idea about what they are selling. From start to finish the service I received from Hayes was of the highest standard.

Lesley M
Lesley M

I bought a 6.5ft pre-lit Weeping Spruce artificial tree and it looks beautiful.  However, the instructions weren't brilliant as it said the light cables were colour coded and mine weren't but I successfully connected it all.  I must admit that there are probably too many lights on it and because they are static lights and do not blink, it does make the tree incredibly bright.  It is a shame that there aren't any "blinking" lights but I was made aware of this before I purchased the tree.  It does mean that you can't really see the decorations too well (as mine are generally white ones) so am going to have to buy more colourful ones in future.  Apart from this, the shape of the tree is great.  

wendy shore
wendy shore

We ordered a 12 foot spruse which arrived within a week of ordering by international post and is everything I'd hoped it would be

Thank you


I ordered the 5ft Pre-lit Avalon Spruce 100% Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Tree.  It arrived within 2 days. 

I didn't connect the lights up properly so only one half worked, but Hayes responded within hours to my email and phone message and very patiently explained how to connect the cables.  

The tree looks amazing.  It's the most realistic artificial tree I've ever had and was definitely worth the money.


Excellent service, super fast delivery, first time of buying an artificial tree, very easy to assemble and very realistic. Also would recommend buying the tree scents to hang in the tree, for that real christmas touch.


Delivery was right on time.  Tree is up and looks fab, really happy with the tree and the service.


Downsizing this Christmas and the 3ft artificial tree was ideal. Realistic too.


We too decided to get an artificial tree after years of pine needles going everywhere, especially thanks to 2 cats who couldn't keep their paws to themselves. We ordered at 6.5 ft Nordic Spruce. The price was a little hefty but we're trying to look at it as an investment for future years. It was however a little surrealistic experience putting it up because of the lack of pine smell, which obviously couldn't be expected from a "fake" tree. But all in all a good purchase, and the staff was both efficient and sweet. Thanks

Jan 1824
Jan 1824

We decided to get an artificial tree after years of pine needles everywhere. Really happy with our 7' weeping Spruce and the complimentary 9' Garland. Excellent service. Going to order 'the smell' now :)


Fantastic customer service, thank you so much. The tree I ordered was unexpectedly out of stock so I was offered a different but even nicer tree at no extra cost. Many companies these days would just cancel your order and leave you high and dry before Christmas, but instead I had a nice chap phone me and sort out the problem with an even better solution.

I decided to get an artificial tree for the first time ever as I'm so busy caring for my disabled son, I can do without hoovering up pine needles. It looks really great and I am so pleased. Many thanks to Hayes Garden World.

Xmas tree
Xmas tree

We have had a real tree for over 20 years and I was extremely worried as to whether an artificial tree would come up to our expectations, particularly as I was reliant on my I pad!

I must firstly commend Janice, who was absolutely fabulous!

She changed our first tree without any problems as it was a little too slim, this was done without hesitation within days, no problems at all.

I am now the very proud owner of a beautiful 7 foot English Pine, which is outstanding!

My daughter came home at the weekend and said 'it is real isn't it mum?'

So thank you to all the staff at Hayes for making my mission successful, I cannot recommend you highly enough, the best service I have received in years, with particular thanks to Janice.



I ordered a 6ft Frasier Grande but I received the wrong tree. After a quick call and explanation I received an apology and the correct tree was delivered 2days later.  Really pleased with my tree and the service.

Adam P
Adam P

I ordered a 6'6" Bayberry Spruce tree using your online ordering system.  The tree came within 3 days with a complimentary Garland. 

Excellent service with reasonable prices, free delivery, what more could you ask for?

 I would thoroughly recommend buying from  Hayes and the Bayberry Spruce is an exceptional tree. It looks like a real tree and will continue to please for many more years to come.  An alpine plug in air freshener will complete the effect.



Really happy with the excellent service and lovely tree! A very nice lady called me the day before delivery to confirm and helped me as I had accidentally placed two orders. She put through a refund immediately. It Was Really appreciated. Thank you, excellent customer service. Would highly recommend!

Karolina London
Karolina London

Best selection of real feel Christmas trees.  Outstanding quality, better than John Lewis!


Although the tree we ordered wasn't as expected, the customer service was exemplary! Hayes couldn't have been more helpful, they had the tree collected within 3 days and I was fully refunded just as quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again, many others could learn from their excellent service!

The Walkers Glos
The Walkers Glos

I ordered the 5ft 6in Bayberry Spruce which is absolutely gorgeous.  Easy to put up and with some time taken over positioning the branches it looks superb.  I had a similar tree 5 years ago but it was too large for my new (smaller) house.  I am very pleased despite being a little worried ordering online and not seeing the actual item.  I had been to Homebase to look at their selection and was not impressed, very plastic looking and 'artificial'.  The Bayberry looks real and even feels real.

I contacted customer services as the tree did not arrive on the stated day.  Spoke to a really helpful lady who called me back once she had spoken to the courier.  All sorted and tree delivered the next day.

Thankyou I am a very happy customer.

Yourston from Borders
Yourston from Borders

We ordered a 6ft prelit Christmas Tree from Hayes Garden World - generally I am very fussy about Christmas Tree as they normally look very plastic and cheap HOWEVER this prelit tree is fantastic - I love it and it was very easy to assemble (no faffing around with lights!)

Delighted with the purchase, delivery and bought online so have never used your customer service.  

I would absolutely recommend and use Hayes Garden World again......thank you.

The Taylors
The Taylors

We ordered the Avalon after speaking to a lovely lady on the phone, (sorry I don't remember the name) she was incredibly friendly and helpful. After going over our wants and needs we decided the Avalon was the best tree for us. It arrived today and it's perfect, if it hadn't been in two pieces I would have thought it was real. I will definitely be back for a larger tree when we've made more space.

The customer service was excellent, the tree is fantastic and the delivery was great. I've recommended Hayes to our friends and family.

Thank you all at Hayes Garden World, hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Maricar from Battersea
Maricar from Battersea

I'm very happy with the artificial Christmas Tree that I bought. Perfect shape and looks real.The quality is very good and easy to assemble.It was also delivered on time. Thank you so much Hayes Garden, service is excellent ! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Claire from Winchester
Claire from Winchester

I ordered the 7ft pre lit  Norway Spruce and am over the moon. It takes a bit of patience arranging the branches but it looks absolutely stunning with all the lights on and they are all evenly spread. It was a bonus to have the garland which looks great on my stairs. Customer service was brilliant, the staff were really helpful and it only took two days to arrive on time to my door. Well done Hayes, thankyou and happy christmas spirit to everyone!!!



I ordered the 7.5ft English Pine 100% Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Tree (PE) on 18/11/2013 and they delivered it to my address in Athens(Greece) on 29/11/2013. The tree is amazing!!The quality is great! The garland the shop has sent  me for free is also fantastic and ideal to decorate my fireplace!

I must admit I made the best choice and after putting all the ornaments on the tree, the sight was incredible!!

Hayes thank you!

Great Service and Products!!

Merry Christmas!! 


I ordered the 6ft pre-lit Nordic Spruce, and it is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen! It is realistic looking and the shape is very pleasing, being wide and full in a feathery kind of way., and not too dense. It is a very pretty tree. I have decorated it today and it looks stunning.I am totally delighted with it!


Very happy with my new tree (6ft Pre-lit Normandy Fir).  It was delivered very quickly right to the south of England, and arrived in pristine condition.   Putting it up took a lot longer than expected - it does take quite a while to fluff up all the branches so that it looks nice and full, but it's worth it in the end (it's also quite a scratchy process, as my forearms currently show!).  Initially, I was worried that there didn't seem to be a huge number of the PE tips compared to PVC ones, but I shouldn't have been concerned because by the time the tree's fully assembled you really don't see the PVC core.  It's definitely a lot more realistic than our previous tree.   I had also been worried that this tree might be really wide at the base as the size wasn't specified on the site, but it's a good compact width.  The bottom branches are about 1 foot off the ground  which is great for getting presents under.  The pre-lit option was definitely worth paying extra for, as the lights look a lot brighter and more evenly distributed than on our old tree, while the function to switch between coloured and white lights is great, as my husband and I can never agree on this!  The only one thing I was slightly disappointed with is that the very topmost "branch" is not strong enough to support a tree-topper (star)  in it's own right, so I had to cobble together an alternative method of attaching it.  Overall though, a great tree and I'm really pleased I bought it.


Thank you very much for the  3 foot potted artificial Christmas trees of which I ordered three, during the week. Dispatch was immediate, the quality excellent. I have never bought an artificial tree before, being very 'sniffy' about them but needed to dress my husband's very smart interiors/architectural joinery showroom with something he wasn't going to kill off before the 25th! They are beautiful and when decorating them today forgot they weren't the real thing (I swear I could smell the pine!)

Highly recommended on all fronts.



Have recently received 6.5 ft English pine 100% feel-real Christmas tree. I am absolutely delighted with it and am looking forward to seeing it decorated. The quality is extremely good and it looks very real! The delivery was quick and the tree arrived well packed. The staff at Hayes very helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.


Very pleased with my tree (5 ft Avalon Spruce) and found staff very helpful when I contacted them to say that the instruction leaflet was in French - they sent me a video link showing how to put up the tree. The quality seems excellent and realistic, and having compared the price with prices locally I think I have got a good deal. I would recommend this. 


I have just purchased (online) one your artificial Christmas trees. The battered box it came in looked like it had been stored somewhere for years, the sellotape was perished and you could see they were aware of this as they has retaped it to get it through the postal system. The tree itself was not great value considering what I had paid. I paid £144.99 On the web it said 100% feel real...this was not so as they main trunk was wrapped in mat green tinsel. Some of the twine securing the branches to the frame are unravelling.I didn't look at it very closely when it arrived, was more worried about the item missing that was ordered.The quality is very poor. Am wondering if this post will make it on the blog as everyone else seems to be thrilled!"!


From Stella Markovitch

I purchased the 7.5 ft English pine and am delighted with it.  The customer service is excellent.  Thanks for all your help. 


I have just purchased the 6ft English pine 100% feel-real artificial Christmas tree, I'm absolutely delighted with it. Also the staff at Hayes were very helpful with my questions and the service was excellent.


Christine from Stoke-on-Trent

I have just received my Christmas tree the 6ft English pine 100% feel-real and I must say I'm absolutely delighted with it. Also the lady at Hayes who I spoke too on the phone was very helpful, many thanks for your excellent service.

Catherine from Wales
Catherine from Wales

I recently purchased the Bayberry Spruce 7ft Slimline Christmas tree. This is my second purchase from Hayes Garden World, last year I purchased the 7ft6 Bayberry Spruce tree. I am so pleased with both purchases. They are fantastic quality trees and very easy to assemble. They are very full in appearance and worth every penny as I know they will last many years. Both trees were considerably cheaper than in my local garden centre and also included a free matching 9ft garland so they really are great value for money. Delivery was prompt and reasonable. I cannot recommend Hayes Garden World enough!


Have just bought my second 7ft Frasier Grand Fir Artificial Christmas Tree - absolutely the best artificial tree available, very easy, very quick to put up and looks so stunning and so real, everyone thinks it is! I use them for commercial Christmas photo shoots but after years of being a 'real' tree advocate, I found these trees last year and now use them at home too. Also, exceptional customer service from Hayes Garden World, when I needed one quickly and slightly out of season.Cannot recommend enough.