What Is The ‘Memory Shape Wire’ Feature On A National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree?

What Is The ‘Memory Shape Wire’ Feature On A National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree?

'Memory Wire' makes adjusting Christmas tree branches a distant memory

‘Memory Shape Wire’ trees from The National Tree Company can transform the whole experience of putting up the Christmas tree.

This amazing technology cuts the time spent dressing out the tree to just a few minutes - literally. The tree the video demonstrates this feature on is a pre-lit 7’ Smokey Mountain'. This 'Next Generation' tree comes with a 5 Year Guarantee.


Once you have your tree assembled the pre-formed branches just fall out into the correct shape, all you have to do is a few minutes tweaking. The branches are constructed of strong steel memory wire which will spring back into shape year after year.


Take the base out of the box and open out so the holes line up, place the screw in the hole but not all the way through into the centre, otherwise the bottom pole won’t slide into position.

Insert the bottom section of tree into the base, this is the largest and heaviest and it also tapers to the bottom. Tighten the screw. Place your foot on the base and lift off the sleeve and the branches will just fall into shape. Plug the lights into the mains and switch on. The 'Power Connect' lighting system should just automatically light as each section is fitted. Normally we wouldn’t recommend plugging in the lights until they had all been assembled but these are low-voltage LED’s so are safe.

Once you have all the sections built all that’s left is to stand back, walk around the tree and adjust the odd branch to cover any gaps. The tree may need more dressing out the first time it is used; in subsequent years it will just fall into shape. You will have to pull out the lower wing branches to an angle of 45 degrees.

That’s how quick and easy it is, no more hours spent breaking your back bending down twisting and turning the branches to make sure it looks full and lush.

With one of these trees adjusting branches will just be a distant memory. 

Here at Hayes Garden World we are proud of our service and thankfully the majority of our customers think so too, so you can order with confidence. If you do have a problem our sales team are only too happy to sort it out to your satisfaction.

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