What Is The Hayes Christmas Tree Warranty?

What Is The Hayes Christmas Tree Warranty?

Our top quality Christmas trees have a 5 year warranty

Hayes artificial Christmas trees have a Lifetime Warranty for the life of the tree; this ‘life’ is recommended by our manufacturer's, the National Tree Company, and is estimated to be approximately 5 years for PE & PE/PVC trees.

The best quality trees are the ‘Next Generation’ trees which have branches which are a mixture of PVC and the ‘Feel Real’ PE (polyethylene) branch tips, ‘Memory Shape’ wire branches and if pre-lit, the ‘Power Connect’ lighting system. The ‘Feel Real’ branches are soft to the touch yet are strong enough to hold your baubles. The PE is poured into moulds taken from real trees hence the extremely realistic look of the tree. The ‘Memory Shape’ branches are constructed from strong steel wire which retains its shape; they just need tweaking the first year and thereafter it will naturally fall into the correct shape. The ‘Power Connect’ lighting system takes all the time and frustration out of putting the lights on the tree; as you assemble the tree they automatically light via connections down the central pole.

Smokey Mountain pre-lit artificial Christmas tree

Smokey Mountain pre-lit 'Next Generation' tree

LED Lighting - 5 Year guarantee

All our pre-lit trees are designed and manufactured so that any problems that occur can be solved quickly and effectively. All LED bulbs can be changed individually and transformers can be replaced. We will supply free replacement bulbs for 15 years should any blow. On the rare occasion that the transformer stops working we will also provide a replacement (just send us the faulty transformer). If replacing the bulbs or transformer does not solve any lighting issue, we may also suggest replacing the main scatter wires that come from the plug. On rare occasions the packing away of the tree puts strain on the connections and can cause them to work intermittently, we will replace these under the guarantee.

Exceptions  We will not replace the lights if there are any broken wires that occur within the main wiring in the tree. Broken wires can only occur by negligence, a household accident or pet damage.
If a wire does break and you locate it, you could:

  •     Have it repaired by a qualified electrician
  •     Ask us to provide a loop of lights to help solve this problem; if you are prepared to attach them.

Tips - 5 year guarantee

The construction of the trees is amongst the best in the industry, all branches are hand wrapped ensuring that the trees do not lose tips on a regular basis. We will replace any tree that loses more than 3% of its tips. You will lose some tips when you first assemble the tree as part of the manufacturing process involves trimming down tips and branches; often they can be left loosely attached to the tree. The tree should be given a good shake in the first year so you can identify loose tips from lost tips in future years.

Branches - 5 year guarantee

All our branches are secured to the main body of the tree using a manual steel rivet; should any branch become detached from the tree we can send out a replacement rivet which will secure the branch with just a squeeze of the pliers.
Snapped branches can only be the result of negligence or can occur in transit so these are only covered for 12 months.

Tree stands - 5 year guarantee

Any tree stand that breaks or twists (which is very rare) will be replaced within this period.

Exceptions  We will not cover any rust that occurs as this is dependent on the environment in which the tree is stored rather than a manufacturing defect.

The next best trees trees have branches which are a mixture of the PVC and the ‘Feel Real’ PE (polyethylene) branch tips; they also include pre-lit trees.

Bayberry Spruce pre-lit artificial Christmas tree

The lowest tier of tree standard is the traditional full PVC budget trees; which are substantially cheaper than the trees with the PE mix branches.

Boulder Pine artificial Christmas tree

Boulder Pine tree

We hope this blog explains our Christmas tree guarantee; if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Either give us a call on the number at the top of the website or email us via the 'contact us' page.

Here at Hayes Garden World we are proud of our service and thankfully the majority of our customers think so too, so you can order with confidence. If you do have a problem our sales team are only too happy to sort it out to your satisfaction.

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