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Best Christmas Trees

Hayes are renowned for quality and that includes supplying the best quality artificial Christmas trees, which are, either a mix of polyethylene (PE) and PVC or 100% PE which are the most life-like. The best Christmas trees with the mix of branches have the PE all around the outside of the tree with the PVC in the centre where once decorated it won’t be visible. Artificial Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes but the one we recommend most highly is the realistic Weeping Spruce, it's PE branches and random weeping outline make it look just look like a real forest tree.  Read the article “Choosing your artificial Christmas tree” for more information. The trees are available either pre-lit or without lights for you to adorn with your own sets of lights; if you need help doing this watch the video showing “How to put lights on a Christmas tree”. If you want something a little different from a plain green tree try a flocked or frosted tree. We also have a great selection of slim and pencil artificial Christmas trees for the smaller space. When buying an artificial Christmas tree with lights make sure that the bulbs are replaceable; we supply spare bulbs over the life of the tree. Free delivery to mainland UK on all orders over £50. If you need help or advice please contact our Customer Services team.

Best Christmas Trees
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Best Christmas Trees







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All our artificial Christmas trees are sourced by our experienced buyers Clara Penhallurick and Caroline Young from the world’s top manufacturers The National Tree Company and Puleo. Both Clara and Caroline have many years retail experience so are very aware of the standards and styles of tree and Christmas decorations our customers have come to love and expect. Click here to read the blog giving you hints and tips on how to choose your artificial Christmas tree.

Why buy a best quality artificial Christmas tree?

The best artificial Christmas trees from Hayes feature all the latest innovations in the manufacture of artificial Christmas trees. Possibly the biggest innovation is the PE (polyethylene) branches. These branches are made in moulds taken from actual tree branches and they also have that slight waxy feel of real conifer needles. The colour of best quality trees has also moved on from the traditional bright forest green to trees which have more realistic slight hues of yellow and blue. The best artificial trees from The National Tree Company which feature Memory Wire branches make setting up the trees so easy, the first time you use the tree the branches are adjusted to your liking then in future years they will naturally fall into this shape when you take them out of the box. All our best artificial trees carry the Hayes Lifetime Warranty, so we can confidently expect them to last at least 15 years, so pound for pound they cost far less than buying a real tree every year. As the best artificial trees last so long they are the most environmentally friendly option, as you are not replacing very often as is the case with a cheaper tree which will start shedding branches after a couple of years.

What makes a best tree different from a budget tree?

The best quality trees are constructed with the very best quality materials to the highest standard ensuring they will last for many years making them an environmentally sound choice. This class of trees also feature the latest in artificial Christmas tree technology, such as PE branches, Memory Wire and Power Connect which means no more fiddling trying to connect each section individually. The best trees are usually not just the classic formal cone shape but more resemble real forest trees with a random outline, a frosty appearance or a smattering of snow to give you a tree which is a little bit different. The best quality artificial trees have substantially more tips than a budget tree, this results in a thick bushy tree compared to one which has large gaps between the branches. All artificial Christmas trees for Hayes carry the Lifetime Warranty so you can be assured you are buying a tree which will last vastly longer than a budget tree. All our pre-lit trees have LED lights which are replaceable and we will supply you with spare bulbs over the lifetime of the tree, budget trees have non-replaceable bulbs which will gradually fail one by one leaving you with a partially lit tree.

Now you’ve chosen your tree click here to read the blog giving you hints and tips on possible colour combinations for your decorations and baubles.