How To Sow Pansies In Autumn To Flower In Spring

How To Sow Pansies In Autumn To Flower In Spring

Pansies are essential for spring containers and hanging baskets

Pansies are the mainstay of the spring hanging basket and container and if you sow seed in late summer/early autumn then they will be ready for planting out in March.


You will need:

•    seed
•    seed compost + Perlite
•    seed tray
•    vermiculite
•    label
•    tray to hold water

Fill the seed tray with good quality peat-free seed compost mixed 50/50 with Perlite; this improves drainage.

Knock the tray on the bench to settle the compost.

Sow the seed thinly on the surface.

Cover with a thin layer of vermiculite and label. The vermiculite provides an insulating layer over the seed and prevents a hard crust forming which sometimes prevents the seed from germinating.

Stand the tray in the tray of water for 10 – 15 minutes until the compost is damp.

Place into a heated propagator at 15 – 18C (59 – 65F) until germinated. When they have grown a pair of true leaves prick out into 9cm (3.5”) pots using potting mix.

Leave in a cold frame over winter and plant out in early spring.

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