How To Look After A Saint Paulia (African Violet)

How To Look After A Saint Paulia (African Violet)

African Violets are one of the most popular, easy, long-lived house plant

These popular houseplants originally come from the wooded mountains of East Africa so like somewhere well-drained and out of direct sun but quite humid. These are a fairly easy houseplant but there are a few rules to consider, as they do have particular requirements when it comes to watering and where they are positioned.


To maintain the humidity they need stand the plant on a saucer filled with damp gravel.

Position them somewhere warm but not directly above a radiator or next to a heat source. Also place them away from direct sunlight, either away from the window or underneath the foliage of other houseplants.

They will not thrive if they are waterlogged, and they will eventually rot if left too wet for too long, so let the compost dry out between watering. Stand the pot in a saucer of tepid water and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes after which pour the water away.

Use a fertiliser specifically for African Violets as general fertilisers contain too much urea which will burn their roots. Only use the dose stated on the fertiliser package as giving the violet too strong a solution will result in root burn, and could kill the plant.

Every 3 months completely submerge the pot in water to flush out any excess salts which can accumulate from the fertiliser.

Make sure you don’t get water on the foliage as it will result in brown unsightly spots.

Once you find a position where the plant is happy it will reward you with flowers over a long period.

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