How To Keep Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture Out In Winter

How To Keep Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture Out In Winter

Good quality synthetic rattan garden furniture can be left out in winter

4 Seasons Buckingham garden furniture (pictured above)

Good quality synthetic rattan weave garden furniture can be kept outdoors in winter. The frames are constructed from rust-proof aluminium and the weave is weather and UV resistant; the result of this is that the furniture can be left out all year round. It doesn’t really need any special treatment in winter but following these few simple tips will keep it in pristine condition for longer.

At the start of winter just give the furniture a brush down to remove any dust and abrasive particles from the weave then hose down with the fan setting on your garden sprayer. Do this on a warm, breezy day so that it dries out quickly. Take the cushions off, wash the covers, and then store them in a weather resistant cushion box.

Stack the furniture and store somewhere sheltered where it won’t get blown about in the winter winds. In the case of modular furniture it can be stacked together and the whole lot covered with a dedicated cover which attaches to the legs and will protect, not only from being blown around, but also from abrasive airborne particles.

Cheaper quality furniture however usually have the frame constructed from tubular steel, which will rust when it gets wet, and the weave will not be dyed throughout which means that it is sensitive to fading in strong sunlight and will show a paler colour when scratched. The cheaper grade of polyethylene used in the construction of this quality of furniture is not usually strong enough to resist frost and can start to split if exposed to several bouts of frost. The ageing process of this quality of furniture will accelerate if it is left outside in winter so it really needs to be stored in a garage or shed. Even a summer shower or standing the furniture on damp grass will start the rusting process, so it really is false economy buying furniture which will be stained with rusty marks by the end of the first season.


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