What Is Woven Garden Furniture Made Of?

What Is Woven Garden Furniture Made Of?

Chic, stylish, long-lasting, maintenance-free woven garden furniture

Bramblecrest Monaco dining set (pictured above)

The right set of furniture can turn your garden into a chic, stylish outdoor room where you are proud to entertain friends and family with a barbecue or just chill out at the end of a long day. Weave constructed furniture is such a great choice for a number of reasons: comfortable, stylish, long-lasting and maintenance-free. Garden furniture made with a weave construction is crafted from 3 main types of material: synthetic rattan, natural rattan and cane. The only one suitable for outside in the garden is the synthetic rattan. Natural rattan and cane are only suitable for the conservatory or garden room.

4 Seasons Brighton modular set of garden furniture

4 Seasons Brighton modular set

Synthetic rattan

This is suitable for both indoors and out; it can take whatever the weather throws at it; being factory tested between the temperature ranges of + 40C (104F) to – 40C (-40F). This furniture can be left out all year round, although we do recommend that the cushions are brought indoors in winter. It is made from polyethylene with the dye being combined with the material, which means that if it becomes scratched it won’t show. The material is resistant to salt water, chlorine, sun screen lotions, rain, frost, UV light, micro-organisms (mould) and stains caused by spilled food and drink. The furniture is all woven by hand, onto a sturdy tubular rust-proof aluminium frame; a chair takes about a day to construct.

We recommend that the furniture is cleaned every year with either a foam-free cleaner and then rinsed off or just spray with the hose on a fan setting. If the furniture does become scratched just heat gently with a hair dryer and rub vigorously with a soft cloth. Another advantage is that the furniture is very light and can be easily moved, so if a high wind is forecast it would be prudent to move it to a sheltered position or indoors.

Hularo is a trade-marked brand used by 4 Seasons and is indistinguishable from real rattan. It is finished to a higher specification then the normal polyethylene weave; other brands include Viro used by Westminster and LIFE utilised by Norfolk Leisure. Some of the synthetic rattan is made from re-cycled materials, such as the 4 Seasons standard weave, and it is all re-cyclable at the end of its’ life.

All our furniture suppliers use the best quality synthetic rattan and aluminium rust-proof frames so you can be assured of years and years of maintenance free usage; however there are a lot of cheaper products in the marketplace which use tubular steel frames which rust and leave orange marks seeping through the rattan. The synthetic rattan they use is also not UV stable and will fade in the sun, go soft in the heat and look as if it is melting and will also go brittle and split when left outside over winter. The dye is also just applied to the outside so any scratches will be clearly visible and you won’t be able to buff them out.

4 Seasons Kingston modular set of garden furniture

4 Seasons Kingston modular set

Natural rattan and cane

Rattan is the shiny outer sheath of the rattan vine which grows in the tropical forests of South East Asia. Both rattan and cane are only suitable for indoor use and can be affected by cold, resulting in splitting, and too high humidity can lead to moulds forming. Clean it regularly by just vacuuming with the soft brush attachment or use a toothbrush. If it is subject to spills or stains clean off immediately with a soft cloth wrung out in warm soapy water then pat dry. It can also discolour if left in direct sun, so use shading in the height of summer or else place out of the sun.  

For more hints and tips on how to keep your garden and conservatory looking pristine for longer just click on the links below:  


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