How To Groom Your Dog

How To Groom Your Dog

Save money and groom your own dog following our easy quide

Grooming your dog regularly serves several purposes; it helps you bond with the animal, it keeps their coat looking in good condition and removes all the loose itchy hair, you can also check for any lumps, ticks, fleas and mites and finally you save on struggling to vacuum the hairs off the carpet. You need to start this when they are a puppy so that they learn that there is nothing to fear and will remain calm.


Start by selecting the right brush and products to make the whole experience easier; a huge range can be found in our Pets and Aquatics department.

We have used:

  • calming spot-on treatment
  • slicker brush
  • tangle teaser
  • grooming spray
  • eye and ear cleansing wipes
  • kitchen towel
  • treats

If your dog doesn’t like being groomed you can get herbal spot-on calming treatment just to make it a less stressful experience for all concerned. If you have a long-haired dog it can be helpful to use the grooming spray which helps remove any tangles, which in turn makes grooming easier. Spray some of the grooming spray onto the kitchen roll and wipe over the coat before starting; spray onto paper so that the sound of the spray doesn’t upset the dog. After wiping the spray all over the coat you can then start with the tangle teaser and then switch to the slicker brush. Start at the head, just gently holding the head by placing a hand under the chin.

Work from top to tail with both brushes. After grooming wipe gently around the eyes and ears to remove any sleep from the corners of the eyes and wax from the ears. Keep giving the occasional treat to reinforce the feeling that this is something your dog actually enjoys.

Once you have done this your dog will feel a lot better and your vacuum won’t become clogged with dog hairs.

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