How To Choose The Correct Weed Killer

How To Choose The Correct Weed Killer

Choose your weed killer appropiate for your needs

Choosing the right weed killer can be a minefield but by opting for the correct one, specifically formulated for the task in hand, can considerably increase your chances of actually killing the weeds.

There are weed killers formulated for killing the weeds in your lawn but not the grass.

If weeds springing up through the cracks in your patio are the problem then there are products especially for this problem.

Similarly if you have tough brambles to clear, and don’t know anyone who will lend you some goats, then SBK Brushwood killer will clear this for you.

Most weed killers are available in a ‘ready-to-use’ spray which means that they are pre-mixed to exactly the right strength for optimum results, so if you don't want the hassel of mixing your own or only need a small amount then these sprays are the answer.

If you would like advice on which product is right for you either ring the shop and ask to speak to the Garden Products department, fill in an enquiries form on the website or contact us through 'Facebook' and we will be able to advise you which product you need.   

For more gardening advice just get in touch with our Outdoor Plants department or head to our Youtube channel.

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