How To Choose Your Artificial Christmas Tree

How To Choose Your Artificial Christmas Tree

A good quality, realistic artificial tree can really enhance Christmas

We have a wide choice of Artificial Christmas Trees in a variety of sizes & price brackets to suit every pocket, but how do you choose your ideal tree? Our article on Feel-Real PE trees offers some advice on choosing the right size tree for your home & also explains the difference between PVC & PE trees. Having attended many Christmas trade fairs we must also point out that there is a difference between the standard of trees from one company to another. We only stock the best quality trees so you know that you can choose a tree from us with confidence. In fact our PVC trees have an expected life of at least 10 years & our PE/PVC trees at least 15 years & both come with our 5 Year Guarantee. Once you have looked at the practicality of what size tree you want & how much you have to spend, it all comes down to which trees you like the look of. This article will try to point out the features of the trees that we have on offer to help you compare these trees & make your final decision. 

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 Pre-lit Artificial Tree or not?

Our pre-lit artificial Christmas trees come with 10,000 hour, energy efficient LED lights which should last for the life of the tree. The lights have a diffuser cover over the bulb which softens the light whilst giving it the look of a traditional filament bulb. The lights come on a lightweight green cable that is wound around the branches throughout the tree producing a generous, evenly lit tree with less conspicuous wiring. The effect that is produced is not one that would be easily replicated if you were adding your own lights to the tree & saves a lot of time when it comes to decorating your tree at Christmas.

The new LED trees also take the hassle out of finding a faulty bulb. The bulbs are easily replaceable if one becomes faulty & although you will get plenty of spares with your tree we are offering to provide you with extras, for up to 15 years from purchase, the estimated life of the tree. If one bulb blows it is still making a circuit so it will be the only one that goes out & can be easily spotted & replaced. If one bulb is faulty or loose, say after storage, it will break the circuit & nine bulbs will go out. It is just a matter of checking each of the nine is properly in place then if they still don’t light, swapping all of the nine, one at a time, with a bulb that you know works & replacing the faulty one. You don’t need to test the whole tree!

PVC or PE/PVC Mix?

This comes down to personal preference & price. In general our PVC trees are darker green in colour than the PE/PVC mixed trees unless they are ‘snowy’. The selection is not as large as the PE/PVC mixed trees but we still stock them in a range of sizes including slim, pencil & pre-lit. Our top of the range PVC trees are priced at a similar level to some of the PE/PVC mixed trees.

We have a fabulous selection of PE/PVC mix trees which range in size from 3ft to 12ft, many designs include slim, pencil, pre-lit & snowy trees. The entry level trees in this range are the Lakewood Spruce & the Ulverston Spruce, both stunning trees but slightly more affordable than some of the other trees on offer. Our mixed trees are approximately 70% PE with the remainder being made up of PVC branches. This makes the trees cheaper than a 100% PE tree whilst also making them lighter, if weight is a consideration. The PVC adds extra interest by introducing a different texture & helps to give depth to the tree whilst concealing the central stem. All the PVC is on the inside of the tree where it isn't seen once you have it fully decorated. Many of the trees also have their branches hand wrapped with green/brown cotton for a touch of luxury. Our article on PE trees explains why these trees are the most realistic looking trees we stock because moulds of real trees are used to create the branches.

Armed with this information you can now look through our selection of trees which are provided below with a brief description so that you can compare between them. Our 7ft artificial Christmas trees are the most popular and where possible if they are available in the range, details of width, tips & lights are given for direct comparison.

PVC Artificial Christmas Tree

All our PVC trees have strong branches which are wired to the ends, making a good support for hanging Christmas decorations.

Crystal Bristle Pine (6.5ft & 7.5ft including pre-lit)

Crystal Bristle Pine

No 7ft tree – 6.5ft tree width 104cm (41"), tips 731, lights 400

This well priced PVC tree lives up to its name with the glittering crystals on its mixed bristle branches. Although it isn't described as a slim tree it has a relatively narrow shape & is decorated with snow & cones.

Dunhill Fir (10ft, 12ft & 18ft (low stock) including pre-lit)

Pre-lit Dunhill Fir

No 7ft tree – 12ft tree width 203cm (80"), tips 7794, lights 1200

The Dunhill Fir is the only large pre-lit tree that we stock & is available in a range of sizes, making it an affordable option for a large space. It is also the only type of tree that we stock in a size over 12ft. In comparison to the other PVC trees it has a large number of tips for its size and a generous number of lights.

Evergreen Spruce (6ft to 7.5ft including slim, pencil & multifunction pre-lit)

Evergreen Spruce

7ft pencil tree - width 74cm (29"), tips 826, lights 500

No 7ft tree - 6.5ft slim tree - width 89cm (35"), tips 686, lights 200

7ft tree – width 127cm (50“), tips 1256, lights 400

This is a lovely quality PVC tree which comes at a good price & is ideal for those who prefer the traditional look. It is available in a choice of widths to suit your space & comes with a reasonable number of tips & lights.

Kingswood Pencil Fir & Snowy Kingswood Pencil Fir (7.5ft pre-lit)

Kingswood Pencil Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

Snowy Kingswood Pencil Fir

7ft tree - width 74cm (29"), tips 892, lights 300

A nice slim, mid-green or flocked PVC tree which is ideal if you are short of space but still want a good display. It has long wired, bristle branches with a brown stem & plenty of tips for a pencil tree - more than any other pencil tree we stock. It is also one of our slimmest trees, the slimmest being the Evergreen Spruce Pencil.

Lakeland Spruce (7ft)

Lakeland Spruce

7ft tree - width 142cm (56"), tips 1252

This PVC tree has frosted tips to its branches & is decorated with frosted cones. it is a good looking tree at a great price!

Linwood Fir (6ft to 8ft)

Linwood Fir

7ft tree - width 140cm (55"), tips 1483

A nice green PVC tree with long wired, branches with a brown stem. It is a similar width to most of our standard trees but has more tips than any of our other PVC trees giving you plenty of options when decorating the tree.

Nordic Pine Glittery Flocked (6ft including pre-lit)

Nordic Pine Glittery Flocked Artificial Christmas tree

7ft tree - width 137cm (54"), tips 1205, lights 300

This bushy looking tree has an attractive mix of long-needled branches in a range of designs & is decorated with large pine cones & has a glittering snowy finish.

Snowy Cone Pine Slim (7.5ft slim)

Snowy Cone Pine Slim

No 7ft tree. 7.5ft tree – width 107cm (42"), tips 1188, lights 250

This snowy tree has a reasonable number of tips for a slim PVC tree.

Memory-Shape PE/PVC Mix Artificial Christmas Trees

Our Memory-Shape artificial Christmas trees have strong memory wired branches to retain their shape from year to year & the pre-lit options come with PowerConnect lights which automatically connect as the tree is put together, all saving you lots of time at a busy time of year. They tend to have a higher tip count & larger number of lights than the standard PE/PVC mix trees.

Frasier Grande Fir (6ft - 8ft including pre-lit & slim)

Frasier Grande Fir

7ft slim tree - width 107cm (42"), tips 1659, lights 400

7ft tree – width 163cm (64“), tips 3059, lights 600

This realistic, top of the range tree is our only tree with branches that have Memory-Shape technology - springing into shape year after year after the first year's manipulation. It has long thin, moulded PE branches & shorter PVC branches which are slightly bushier & have a brown central stem.

PE/PVC Mix Artificial Christmas Trees

Aspen Fir (6ft to 8ft pre-lit)

Aspen Fir

7ft tree - width 122cm (48"), tips 1827, lights 600

This mixed PE/PVC tree is quite narrow for a 7ft tree making it easier to place in the home or workplace & it comes at a great price too! The strong layered branches & exposed trunk resemble a real tree & offer plenty of room for larger decorations. It has a good number of LED rice lights which are small but bright & spread throughout the tree; they have non-replaceable bulbs but will last for years.

Barrington Spruce (6ft to 7.5ft including slim & multifunction pre-lit)

Barrington Spruce

No 7ft tree - 7.5ft slim tree - width 112cm (44"), tips 3677, lights 500

No 7ft tree - 7.5ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 5927, lights 1000

This stunning PE/PVC mix spruce tree has the highest tip count of all our trees, the 7.5ft tree has even more than the 10ft Dunhill. Its feathery outline offers places for hanging larger decorations & the large number of multifunction lights, especially on the full width 7.5ft tree, will create a wonderful display.

Bayberry Spruce (6.5ft – 8ft pencil & slim, pre-lit)

Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Bayberry Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft pencil tree - width 81cm (32"), tips 724

7ft slim tree - width 107cm (42"), tips 1058, lights 450

This is one of our entry level mixed PE trees whose PVC branches blend in well with the larger PE branches that have nicely rounded tips. All the branches are wired so they will hold your baubles or other decorations & can easily be arranged for a great Christmas display. This tree has a lush green appearance with a full width diameter base.

Bedminster Spruce (6ft – 7.5ft including slim & slim pre-lit)

Dual Light Bedminster Spruce

No 7ft slim tree. 6.5ft tree - width 102cm (40"), tips 1987, LED lights 450

7ft tree – width 137cm (54“), tips 3636, dual infinity lights 1400 (6.5ft tree)

This tree has plenty of narrow tapering PE branches infilled with PVC giving it one of the highest tip counts of all our trees. It comes in a slim version too with a correspondingly good number of tips for a slim tree.

Berkeley Snowy Spruce (6ft – 7ft including multifunction pre-lit)

Berkeley Snowy Spruce

7ft tree – width 145cm (57“), tips 2692, lights 550

This PE/PVC tree has a mix of tapering realistic PE branches & bushy PVC branches all with a snowy covering to make a beautiful backdrop for your Christmas decorations & providing a good number of tips. Its width & number of LED's is comparable with many of the 7ft trees.

Colorado Spruce Narrow (6ft & 7ft multifunction pre-lit)

Colorado Spruce

7ft tree - width 119cm (47"), tips 1384, lights 400

The Colorado Spruce is a good looking tree with wide, bushy branches that have rounded ends. All the tips are wired making it easily arranged for a good display & providing a strong base for your decorations. It is slightly narrower than the standard width trees giving it fewer tips & lights than average which, on the plus side, brings the cost down.

Kensington Fir (6ft to 7.5ft including slim & multifunction pre-lit)

Kensington Fir Artificial Christmas Tree

No 7ft slim tree - 7.5ft width 109cm (43"), tips 1862, lights 300

7ft tree - width 140cm (55"), tips 1830, lights 500

The Kensington Fir is a very attractive tree with narrow needles on its bushy branches. It is one of our least expensive full width PE/PVC trees.

Lakewood Spruce (5.5ft – 7.5ft including pre-lit)

Lakewood Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree – width 137cm (54“), tips 1372, lights 500

The Lakewood Spruce is a another good looking tree, it resembles the Bayberry Spruce but with a darker spine to the branches & the combination of smaller width, fewer tips & lights make it less expensive & a popular option.

Lawrence Fir (6ft to 7.5ft including pre-lit)

Lawrence Fir

7ft tree - width 132cm (52"), tips 3524, lights 700

This attractive tree has nicely rounded PE branches with an infill of PVC to add depth & interest. It isn't quite as wide as many of the other full width trees by about 10cm but has one of the higher tip counts & a very generous number of lights to produce a fantastic display at a good price.

Newberry Spruce (6ft - 7ft pre-lit slim)

Newberry Spruce

7ft tree – width 104cm (41“), tips 1237, lights 400

A slim pre-lit tree with warm white LED's woven through its nice, full branches. Ideal if you are short of space.

Northern Fir & Northern Snowy Fir (6ft - 7.5ft including slim & multifunction pre-lit)

Northern Fir

Snowy Northern Fir

No 7ft slim tree. 7.5ft slim tree – width 114cm (45“), tips 3128, lights 450

7ft tree – width 145cm (57“), tips 3820, lights 550

No 7ft snowy slim tree - 7.5ft snowy slim tree – width 114cm (45“), tips 2832, lights 550

The attractive mix of slim PE & PVC branches give this tree a feathery outline with plenty of tips for all your Christmas decorations. It has a similar width & number of lights to many of our 7ft trees but a larger number of tips than most.

The snowy tree has a more solid appearance with its flocked branches & comes with frosted globe lights to enhance its appearance. It has fewer tips but more lights than the slim 7.5ft Northern Fir.

Ontario Fir (6ft - 7ft including pre-lit)

Ontario Fir

7ft tree - width 142cm (56"), tips 2046, lights 600

It is one of our wider trees with a good number of rounded tips with longish needles. A similar width to the Weeping Spruce & Ulverston Green Spruce PE/PVC trees it has fewer tips.

Snowy Dorchester Pine (5.5ft to 8ft including pre-lit)

Snowy Dorchester Pine

7ft tree - width 147cm (58"), tips 2466, lights 550

This is a fairly wide tree with large cones & snowy branches that have a good number of tips. It is a great quality tree at a very reasonable price.

Snowy Hamilton Spruce (6.5ft to 7.5ft including dual light)

Snowy Hamilton Spruce

7ft tree - width 140cm (55"), tips 3929, lights 600

The Snowy Hamilton Spruce range includes the dual light version which has a 3 function lighting choice including warm white & cool white lights (shown). It has a good tip count & a reasonable number of lights.

Snowy St Francis Spruce (6ft & 7ft including pre-lit)

Snowy St Francis Spruce

7ft tree - width 157.5cm (62"), tips 2901, lights 450

This frosty tree has a striking outline offering plenty of options for hanging larger decorations. It is a fairly wide tree with one of the higher tip counts of our range of trees.

Snowy Stonington Fir (7.5ft)

Snowy Stonington Fir

No 7ft tree - 7.5ft tree - width 147cm (58"), tips 1677

An eye-catching tree which is fairly wide & comes with a frosty coating on its delicate feathery branches.

Ulverston Green Spruce (5ft & 8ft including multifunction pre-lit)

Ulverston Green Spruce

7ft tree - width 140cm (55"), tips 2793, lights 700

This tree has a nice strong shape & plenty of tips for your Christmas decs! It has a good number of lights which are non-replaceable but have an expected 10,000 hours burning time.

Washington Valley Spruce (6 - 7ft including multifunction pre-lit)

Washington Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

No 7ft slim tree, 6.5ft tree – width 102cm (40“), tips 1264, lights 200

7ft tree - width 147cm (58"), tips 2818, lights 550

This Washington Valley Spruce Artificial Christmas tree has long slim PE & PVC branches which will support plenty of decorations to create a fabulous Christmas display. The PE branches have moulded tips like the Colorado but the branches are much narrower in comparison. It is a fairly wide tree with a good number of tips & lights for a very reasonable price.

Weeping Spruce (6ft – 7.5ft including slim & pre-lit)

Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft slim tree - width 102cm (40"), tips 1483

7ft tree – width 140cm (55“), tips 2285, lights 550

The Weeping Spruce is a lighter green than some of the other PE/PVC trees & has a mix of narrowing wired & unwired tips producing a lovely weeping habit. This combination of branches results in a tree that is not designed to take heavy baubles but needs decorating sympathetically in keeping with its delicate habit.

Windsor Spruce (6ft pre-lit - Low stock)

Windsor Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Windsor Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 150cm (59"), tips 1652, lights 350

Our Windsor Spruce has a lovely blue-green tint with layered branches which are well spaced, giving plenty of room for larger decorations & garlands. The tree has such a strong character with its obvious central trunk that a minimalist look would be equally attractive. It has a fairly wide base but tapers quite quickly to give a narrow profile.

Yukon Snowy Pine (6ft & 7ft including multifunction pre-lit)

Yukon Snowy Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

7ft tree - width 137cm (54"), tips 1561, lights 450

Our Yukon Snowy Pine has a lovely mix of branch shapes combining realistic PE & PVC branches & a sprinkling of large pine cones, all with a snowy covering. It has mini globe shaped lights woven carefully through the branches giving a soft glow to the tree & giving a different look than most of our pre-lit trees. It is slightly narrower than many of our standard trees but comes with a good number of tips.


Hopefully this article will have answered many of the questions you have about our choice of trees but if you need further help please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team.

Here at Hayes Garden World we are proud of our service and thankfully the majority of our customers think so too, so you can order with confidence. If you do have a problem our sales team are only too happy to sort it out to your satisfaction; click here to check out the team if you would like to speak to someone in particular.

List of Artificial Christmas Trees on Display at Hayes Garden World Ambleside 2024

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