Hayes Hellebores

Hayes Hellebores

NEW Hellebore varieties for 2017

Hellebore Double Ellen Pink (pictured above)

There’s nothing quite like the sight of the nodding heads of hellebores to gladden the heart and awaken the spring garden. Flowering in late winter through spring they are really easy to grow in a patch of dappled shade in a nice humus rich, well-draining soil. They are ideal for the woodland garden or in front of deciduous shrubs. Just enrich the planting hole with some home-made or good quality peat-free compost before you plant, keep watered for the first year until they become established and that’s all there is to it. Just remove any faded foliage and that’s all the maintenance required; left to their own devices they will eventually make a large clump. Their early flowers are an excellent source of nectar for any insects brave enough to emerge in early spring.

The Double Ellen Series and ‘Ice n Roses’ are new to Hayes this year and their gorgeous blooms are sure to become a customer favourite. The Double Ellen Series are available in pink, purple, red and white. The pink forms have a dark purple centre which is lightly spotted and contrasts nicely with the white variety, which has dark maroon spots in the centre, and will lighten even the gloomiest corner. If you prefer a darker, more mysterious look to your garden then the purple and red are sure winners. The purple is very dark with lighter speckles on the outer petals and a lovely cream centre whereas the red is heavily spotted with gorgeous luminous gold stamens.

Hellebore Double Ellen Purple

Double Ellen Purple

‘Ice ‘n’ Roses’ has a short sturdy habit, only reaching a height of 30cm (12”) and a spread of 40cm (16”). The single flowers are a rich wine red, which darken with age, and have lovely buttery yellow stamens. These hellebores make fantastic cut flowers so if you can’t see them from your window then a vase full in the house makes an excellent way of enjoying these exquisite blooms.

Hellebore Ice n Roses

'Ice 'n' Roses'

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