Frosted Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Frosted Colorado Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

The Frosted Colorado Spruce is an ideal wintery, natural looking tree

If your style of Christmas decoration runs to a natural or Scandinavian type palette then this Frosted Colorado Spruce would be ideal as it already comes with a scattering of cones. The outer branches are a silvery blue which makes for an extra level of interest, this combined with the cones means that you can get away with a minimum of decorations. The trees come in sizes ranging from 135cm (4.5’) to 240cm (8’) and also in a slim version, which means that if you have a tight space or a corner that needs brightening up you can still have a stunning tree with not much effort, especially if you opt for the pre-lit version.

Pre-lit trees are the way forward, no more untangling strings of lights and spending hours winding them onto the tree; I’m sure you can think of a better use for your precious leisure time, especially at Christmas. The lights are warm white, static LEDs which are cool to the touch so perfectly safe if you have children, and also no danger of burning down the house if decorations accidently touch the bulb. The bulbs on all our pre-lit trees are replaceable so if you accidentally break one we will supply replacements for the life of the tree, estimated to be a minimum of 15 years by our manufacturers, The National Tree Company.  

 If you have a pre-lit tree there will be what looks like a spare connection at the top of the tree; this is for the pre-lit tree topper. These lighted tree toppers are only compatible with the pre-lit trees from The National Tree Company. If you have problems with the lights, click here to read the troubleshooting blog, if this does not solve the problem just ring the internet sales team who will be able to sort it out. Whatever you do don’t disconnect the connections within the tree as it will take you forever to re-connect them in the right order.

If you want a truly labour saving Christmas tree then take a look at the Next Generation trees which feature Memory Wire branches, they remember where you placed them the previous year, and the Power Connect lighting system. This system connects automatically as you assemble the tree, so no more searching through the tree to find the connections. 

The branches are a mixture of PE (polyethylene) and PVC which gives the tree it’s ‘Feel Real’ look. The PE branches are moulded in casts taken from real trees to give you an authentic looking tree. All these branches are around the outside of the tree with the PVC all on the inside where it is less visible; once the tree is fully decorated you will hardly see the PVC at all. When you open the box the tree branches are all folded against the central pole exposing all the PVC element which can look a bit off-putting but don’t let this discourage you; once assembled all the PE will be visible. We sometimes get asked for 100% PE trees but this element is the most expensive and a full tree would be outside most customer's budget.

Assembling the tree couldn’t be easier, just take the stand out of the box and form into an X. Take the bottom section, usually the largest and heaviest, and place in the stand, tighten up the screws. Starting at the pole start to dress out the branches to different angles, making sure you fill any gaps. Once this section is finished, insert the middle piece and dress out as you did for the bottom part. Dress out the top section before you put it into position, it’s so much easier, especially if you have a tall tree.

Frosted Colorado Spruce artificial Christmas tree

The tree will be delivered in a sturdy box which can be used to store the tree in for future years. We sometimes get calls from customers concerned that the plastic piece of their tree has arrived smashed. These pieces of plastic are only the caps which cover the ends of the tree poles, and are there to prevent them from coming through the sides of the box in transit and injuring anyone handling the boxes. Once you have taken delivery, these pieces of plastic can be thrown away as they have absolutely nothing to do with the tree.

The internet sales team are here from 09:00 – 17:30 (Monday to Saturday) and 10:00 – 17:30 (Sunday) to answer any queries you may have or if you’re stuck and can’t decide which Christmas tree is the right one for you. If you are not confident buying your tree over the internet the team will be only too happy to process your order over the phone. Just give them a call on 015394 82333 or click the ‘callback’ tab on our sales pages; if they are busy they may take a few minutes to return your call or if it is outside office hours they will be in touch as soon as possible the following morning. 

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