Best Budget BBQs

Best Budget BBQs

Hayes recommended best gas, charcoal and electric barbecues

Weber Compact Kettle 57cm

This compact charcoal BBQ is small enough to stow in the back of the car but large enough to feed up to 8 people. You are getting the high quality you expect from Weber for a reasonable price. This is an excellent choice if you are just starting out on the BBQ route and will just be cooking the usual burgers, sausages, steaks and kebabs.

When you become more adventurous in your barbecuing and want to up-grade to something which lets you cook a more extensive range of dishes, then this makes a handy spare to trundle out when you are having a large party. The lid allows you to use the ‘lid down’ cooking method. The only disadvantage is that there is no in-built thermometer in the lid.

  • Grate size 369sq ins (2552 cm2)
  • Triple plated cooking grate
  • Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid
  • Free charcoal measuring cup
  • Warranty 2 - 10 years


 Landmann Midas 3 Burner

This gas BBQ is excellent value for money and will easily cater for 8 people. The 3 burners will easily accommodate the range of cooking methods and the lid means that you can cook larger cuts of meat slowly. The warming rack increases the cooking capacity as you can keep food warm as you carry on cooking and then serve it all together instead of in batches.

  • Grate size 61 x 36cm
  • Enamelled 2 part cooking grill
  • Enamelled flame tamers
  • Thermometer in lid
  • Tool holder
  • 2 side tables
  • Warranty 2 years with exclusions


 OutdoorChef City Electric P-420E

This electric BBQ is the answer to the problem of the ‘no gas or charcoal barbecues’ clause in many city apartments, as there are no fumes. It can easily accommodate 4 – 6 people and is really easy to control the heat; having 7 heat settings ranging from 70 – 350C.

  • Grate size 39.5cm diameter
  • Porcelain enamelled steel kettle
  • Warranty 3 years

*Weber Mastertouch*

Hayes recommended Best Buy & Which Best Buy for 2017

If you want to spend a little more on a charcoal BBQ then this is the one for you. Which? Awarded it their Best Buy of 2017 for the range of features, the Weber quality and value for money. It features the Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) which enables you to increase your recipe repertoire by inserting the GBS accessories. There is a Dutch oven for stews and casseroles, wok for stir fries and risottos, griddle for pancakes and the English breakfast, poultry roaster and the waffle iron for delicious waffles or toasted sandwiches. You can also buy an additional rotisserie which cooks the most flavoursome, tender and succulent large joints of meat and whole poultry.

  • Grate size 396sq ins (2552cm2)
  • Rust-proof vents and ash container
  • Lid mounted thermometer
  • Tool holders
  • Porcelain enamelled bowl and lid
  • 2 char basket fuel holders
  • Warranty 2 - 10 years


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