How To Cook An Easy Stir Fry In The Weber Gourmet BBQ System Wok

How To Cook An Easy Stir Fry In The Weber Gourmet BBQ System Wok

Follow our hints and tips for cooking a tasty, quick stir fry on the BBQ

A simple, tasty, nutritious, vegetarian stir fry can be cooked on the BBQ in less time than it takes to order a take-away; also it’s probably cheaper and contains less additives. Ian and Ed, who work in the Weber Store within The Barbecue Shop here at Hayes, cook this stir fry in less than 10 minutes.


We have bought ready prepared, chopped Oriental vegetables and the straight-to-wok noodles which are already cooked and only need a minute to heat through. We are using the wok which is part of the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) on the Mastertouch charcoal BBQ. We have pre-heated the wok for about 10 – 15 minutes with the charcoal in the char baskets directly underneath the wok. Run a little olive oil around the top of the inside of the wok then add the vegetables, stir until they are coated in the oil then close the lid and cook for 2 minutes. Open the lid, give them a good stir with a wooden or silicon set of tools as metal tools would damage the wok. Close the lid and give them another 2 minutes then add the vegetable stock, honey, light soy sauce and the easy cook noodles. Give it a good stir then put the lid down and cook for a minute.

There you have it a quick, easy meal in less than 10 minutes.

Easy vegetable stir fry

  • 1 large pack prepared, chopped Oriental vegetables
  • 100ml vegetable stock
  • teasp honey
  • tbsp light soy sauce
  • 2 packs ready cooked straight-to-wok noodles
  • olive oil

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