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Norfolk Grills

If you’re a serious barbecuer and already have all the kit, then these outdoor kitchens from Norfolk are the next step on the BBQ ladder. Grilling for family and friends gets a whole lot easier with these top of the range outfits. It doesn’t do them justice just to call them a grill as there is a whole lot more; sink, fridge, cupboard, drawers, side burner and prep area. The grill is gas powered but needs electricity to run the fridge 

The large capacity grill area can easily cater for a party of 20 with it’s main grill and warming rack which can hold the large pieces of meat or poultry while you do the quick grilled steaks, fish or burgers. Revolutionary in the BBQ world is the glass panel in the lid which allows you to check on the progress of your food without having to constantly open the hood, as every barbecuer knows ‘if you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’. The integrated thermometer in the lid allows to achieve the perfect temperature for your ‘low ‘n’ slow’ or hotter for the quick grills.

Store the beer and wine, meat and fish or vegetables in the handy side fridge instead of running back and forth into the house. The sink allows you to clean your utensils instead of risking food poisoning.  Side burners are an absolute necessity if you want to elevate your cooking to the next level as it allows you to make delicious sauces to accompany the steak or fish or why not try making a delicious pudding with creamy custard. The drawers and cupboard have plenty of space to allow you to store all your culinary accessories, crockery, cutlery and serving platters.

This up-market range is the perfect addition to our portfolio of gas, electric, charcoal and wood pellet grills from such market leaders as Weber, Traeger, Outback and Kamado Joe. If you can’t decide which grill would suit your needs just pop into The Barbecue Shop in store where our BBQ staff will be only too happy to answer all your queries. While there why not pop a tub of rub or griddle plate into your trolley, we have all the BBQ accessories you need to elevate your recipe repertoire to the next level.


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