Which grate or Flavorizer bars do I need for my Weber BBQ?

Which grate or Flavorizer bars do I need for my Weber BBQ?

Follow our quick guide to order replacement Weber parts

Summit S-670 gas barbecue (pictured above)

Although Weber barbecues are built to the highest standards and last for years occasionally parts do wear out. Flavorizor bars and grates do carry a warranty, between 2 and 5 years depending upon the model of your barbecue, but with constant use they will need replacing periodically.

How to find the part number

If you go onto the Weber website, click on the globe icon in the top right-hand corner then change the country to United States.

On the top bar click the tab ‘Parts and Service’ and from the drop-down menu select ‘Schematics’.

You will be able to input the serial number of your barbecue and a really clear diagram will come up showing all the parts of your barbecue and their corresponding part number.

If you can’t find the serial number on your BBQ then click ‘Find the location of your serial number’ and it will come up with a list of all the barbecues Weber manufacture, select your model and it will show you exactly where the number is located.

*When you purchase your Weber BBQ please remember to keep all the receipts, instruction manual and warranties somewhere safe as you will need them if you need to replace a part under warranty.

The following tables are just a guide to our best selling models:


ModelDatePart NoWeber RRP

300, enamelledprior to 20117539£59.99

300, stainless steelprior to 20117540£89.99

300, enamelled, front controls 7621£59.99

300, stainless steel, front controls 7620£89.99

300, GBS 7587£139.99


ModelPart NoWeber RRP

100/1000, enamelled7644£69.99

200/2000, enamelled7645£79.99

300/3000, enamelled7646£99.99


ModelDatePart NoWeber RRP

200, enamelled, side controls prior to 20127534£39.99

300, enamelled, side controlsprior to 20127536£39.99

200, enamelled, front controls 7635£39.99

300, enamelled, front controls 7636£59.99

200, cast iron, front controls, GBS 8846£89.99

300, stainless steel, GBS 7586£129.99

300, cast iron, GBS 8847£99.99


ModelPart NoWeber RRP

400 & 600, stainless steel, GBS7585£139.99

If your model does not appear in the tables above and you can't find it by following the steps on the Weber website please just call the store on 015394 33434 and ask for The Barbecue Shop or click here to fill in the Enquiries form and someone will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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