What is the Weber GS4 grilling system?

What is the Weber GS4 grilling system?

Genesis II and Spirit II all feature this performance enhancing system

Weber is renowned for the superior quality of its construction and the high performance of their barbecues. They are always striving to be better and make the grilling experience easier and more labour-saving. The GS4 system improves this immeasurably on 4 different elements; the Infinity Ignition, High Performance Burners, Flavorizor Bars and the Grease Management System. The GS4 is available on both the Genesis II and Spirit II models.

Infinity Ignition

This is an improved version of the E2i igniters and guaranteed to light every time so you can be confident that there are not going to be any problems lighting your barbecue. The quality of the components has been improved and it is also covered by the 10 year Weber warranty.

Weber GS4 ignition system

High Performance Burners

These are of a new high tech construction with a new tapered design and as such will last a lot longer than previous burners before they start to corrode and wear. This new design ensures that there is a constant gas flow and is consistent along the whole of the burner tube. An even cook across the whole grill is essential to avoid burned food in one corner and undercooked in another; and this is what the new burners are designed to eradicate. So you can be assured that the whole batch will be ready to come off the grill at the same time.

Flavorizor Bars

These bars are essential to reduce flare-ups caused by hot fat dripping onto a naked flame. The new design has tiny half-moon shapes cut into them so that you can see when the BBQ is actually lit. They also provide a better heat distribution to further ensure a consistent cook across the whole of the grill. The hot fat dripping onto the bars produces a smoke which will imbue your food with that distinctive BBQ flavour; although that is never going to equal the flavour of food cooked over charcoal.



Watch the video where Richard Holden, one of the UK’s top BBQ chefs, and Ian Hodgett, from The Barbecue Shop here in store, compare identical porterhouse burgers cooked on 3 Weber barbecues; the new gas Spirit II E-310, the new electric Pulse 2000 and the good old charcoal MasterTouch.    

Grease Management System

Cleaning the BBQ must be top of everyone’s least favourite jobs but this new improved design funnels more of the grease, which isn’t vapourised by the Flavorizer Bars, into an easy to remove drip tray. This means that cleaning the BBQ is now faster and easier.

New Weber Spirit II E-310 and E-210 gas barbecues in the nursery at Hayes Garden World

New Weber Spirit II E-310 and E-210 gas barbecues in the nursery at Hayes Garden World

These 4 new improvements to the Spirit and Genesis barbecues really can enhance your grilling experience, giving you more control over your cooking and leaving you more time to spend with family and friends rather than fretting over whether the food is cooking properly.

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