Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Centre

Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Centre

Experience the ultimate in charcoal barbecuing

New in at Hayes in The Barbecue Shop is the outstanding Weber Summit Charcoal Grilling Centre (WSCGC) which is only available in the UK through the Weber World Stores. This is one of their top of the range BBQs; combining the best features from the Performer, Smokey mountain and the original Kettle. Considering the price, £1,999, it is probably a barbecue for the more experienced griller; if you only intend to cook the usual fare of sausages and burgers there are plenty of cheaper alternatives which will do the job just as well. This is an all-round BBQ suitable not only for the usual grilling but also smoking, roasting and baking; unfortunately at the moment there is not a rotisserie attachment. It has a greater temperature range allowing you to sear at high temperature and also slow cook for a long period over a low heat.

Weber Summit charcoal Grilling Centre + extendable gazebo + high bar and stools

The Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) comes as standard, which, along with all its accessories allows you to cook almost anything on the BBQ that you would normally cook in the kitchen. The fuel grate has 2 positions which allow for both direct and indirect cooking. (Watch the video which explains the different cooking methods you can use on the Weber BBQs). It’s large grill size, 144.7cm (56.6”) in diameter, 1,148 sq cm (452 sq in) cooking space means that you can easily cook for a party of 10. It also comes with a stainless steel wire basket and bottom shelf, side prep table, Diffuser Plate storage rack, CharBin storage container, 3 stainless steel tool holders and char basket fuel holders. All this is contained on a heavy duty cart which has 2 crack-proof wheels and 2 lockable castors; and speaking from experience it is extremely easy to move around.  


They are one of the easiest charcoal BBQs to light as you have the Snap Jet gas ignition system which is just a push and turn knob which in turn ignites the burner beneath your charcoal or briquettes. The Rapidfire Lid Damper can be opened up to act as a chimney starter; this means that you can be ready to cook in just 15 minutes; some users allege that it can be as little as 10 minutes. The Lid Damper can also be used to adjust the air flow to control temperature.

 Temperature is more consistent and easily controlled due to the air-insulated bowl and lid, the stainless steel Hinged Diffuser Plate, also air-insulated, the Rapidfire Lid Damper and the Smoker Vent. These features allow for more control over air flow which results in a rapid change in temperature; this comes in really handy if you want to switch from a low and slow cook to a sear. The Diffuser Plate not only is hinged for access to add more fuel, but also spreads the heat evenly, essential for a consistent low and slow cook. Low and slow is also controlled by the Smoker Vent which is adjusted by re-positioning the handle.

Rapidfire Lid Damper on the Weber Summit charcoal grilling centre

Rapidfire Lid Damper

The insulated bowl and lid retains most of the heat within the BBQ which means that you will use less fuel. The lining of the Easy Open lid is aluminium which makes it a lot lighter. The lid also has an integral thermometer to help cook your food to perfection.

Cleaning the BBQ couldn’t be easier as it has the One-touch system which takes out the main debris from the inside of the bowl, then all you have to do is brush any burnt residue off the grate and inside the bowl with the stainless steel brush. After all the residue has been removed wipe over with a soft cloth or kitchen towel dipped in a mild solution of washing-up liquid in warm water. If you don’t remove the burnt residue from the grate you will find that food sticks. Cleaning the BBQ is best done when it is still warm but not hot.

Weber One-touch cleaning system on Summit charcoal grilling centre

One-touch cleaning system

If you are a traditionalist who loves cooking over charcoal and wants to take your grilling to the next level then this charcoal Summit is definitely worth the investment.

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