Try The Unique ‘Uuni’

Try The Unique ‘Uuni’

The Ooni 2s; affordable, portable, pizza in 90 seconds, exceptional

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Here at Hayes Garden World we have taken delivery of the unique ‘Ooni’ pizza oven. Retailing at less than £200 it makes an ideal Christmas or birthday present. This tiny pizza oven is small enough to go on the table top but large enough to take a 33cm (13”) pizza. It only weighs 11kg (24lb) so is portable enough to take on a picnic or down to the beach. The measurements are 12 x 35 x 48cm (4.7 x 13.7 x 18.8”), excluding the legs and the chimney. It is constructed of brushed stainless steel, so it will weather but not rust.

Uuni 2s pizza oven

It is powered by wood pellets, which contain no additives, and reach extremely high temperatures in a short time. They go from cold to 500F in only 10 minutes. In the bottom of the oven is a cordierite stone baking board which retains an extremely high temperature, cooking a pizza in only 90 seconds.

It is really easy to light, just take the grate out of the back of the unit, add a couple of hands full of the wood pellets and set them alight. If you find them a little difficult to get going just add a barbecue lighter cube. Place the grate back into the unit and leave for a couple of minutes then add some more pellets through the feed tube at the back of the oven. When operating the oven just take care if you are round the back as there is quite a bit of heat from the grate.

There is also a cast iron sizzler pan available to extend your repertoire by allowing you to cook meat, fish or vegetables. The cast iron reaches extremely high temperatures and retains the heat for a long period so it comes with its own birch wood board to stand it on when it comes out of the oven. 

Scallops cooked in the Uuni sizzle pan

Make sure the oven is cleaned out and completely cold before stowing it away.

The ‘Ooni 2s’ costs just £199.00 and you get the oven, the cordierite stone baking board and a peel to transfer the pizza from the prep area to the oven. We also recommend that you purchase the cover/carrying bag, this keeps all the components together and makes it so much easier to transport. Also available is a spare peel, spare cooking stone, 10kg bag of Premium Pellets and the sizzle pan.

Carrying bag for the Uuni 2s

Try this breakfast pizza, just spread some tomato passata, with a few mixed herbs added, over the pizza base. Sprinkle chopped bacon, pieces of sausage, black pudding, mushrooms and tomatoes around the outside and crack on egg into the centre. Season with sea salt and ground black pepper. Make sure the meat is all pre-cooked.

Breakfast pizza cooked on the Uuni 2s

All in all this is a fantastic piece of kit and would make a great addition to sit alongside your barbecue.

Recipes and images courtesy of Ooni

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