Taste of BBQ courses

Taste of BBQ courses

Try your hand on one of our Taste of .... BBQ courses

Are you a keen barbecuer? Want to impress family and friends with your barbecuing skills by producing perfectly cooked, succulent, tender meat or spicy Asian dishes? Then an investment in one of our Taste of .... courses would enable you to do just that and as a bonus you get to eat delicious BBQ food. You don't need to be experienced as Richard Holden will guide you through all 10 recipes you will be cooking on each course. If you are just starting out barbecuing and are unsure which type of fuel suits you the best, what tools you need and how to cook on the different heat zones then the Taste for Beginners is an absolute essential.

All the courses last for 3 hours and are led by top BBQ chef Richard Holden and use Weber, Traeger and Kamado Joe ceramic, gas, charcoal, electric and wood pellet grills. You will cook and sample 10 different dishes on each course. At the end of the course you will receive a booklet containing all the dishes featured, so you have all the ammunition you need to wow family and friends.

As each course is limited to 20 participants early booking is recommended; the 'Taste of Italy' is almost fully booked so if you fancy this course then you need to book now.

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Taste for Beginners

Are you sick of always having burnt bangers and burgers? Worried if the chicken is cooked fully? Or are you just wanting to see what all the fuss is about with alfresco dining and aren’t sure which type of barbecue you want charcoal, ceramic, gas, wood pellet or electric? Then this ‘Taste for Beginners’ course is the one for you. This 3 hour, 10 dish barbecue course has been designed to help people learn the basics of barbecuing and will cover cooking to temperature rather than time. Learn how to easily light the barbecue first time every time, basic smoking and what tools are essentials. Once you have learned the basics there is no end to the dishes you can produce from your grill; basically anything you cook in the kitchen can be recreated on the barbecue.

Taste of Home

Nothing says British cuisine better than a roast on a Sunday! This ‘Taste of Home’ barbecue class has been created to show you that anything is possible on a barbecue, from Yorkshire puddings to a classic dessert. During this 3 hour barbecue class top barbecue chef Richard Holden will guide you through 10 different dishes from around the UK and the best thing is you get to eat everything that you cook. Once you’ve completed this course cooking the Sunday dinner or even the Christmas dinner on the barbecue will seem like child’s play! 

Roast rib of beef on the BBQ rotisserie

Taste of America: “The Classics”

If you want to learn how to barbecue some of America’s must iconic dishes, then this ‘Taste of America: The Classics’ is for you. From a hot-dog with the works to a full rack of ribs this course has them all, 10 dishes that you get to cook and eat. When you think of barbecue you immediately think of American classic meat dishes; ribs, steaks, burgers, hot ‘n’ spicy chicken wings and the accompaniments of corn, BBQ beans and Hasselback potatoes. If this is your idea of BBQ heaven then this course sets you off on the road to becoming a confident ‘pitmaster’ and wowing your family and friends with delicious BBQ food.

Hot & spicy chicken wings

Taste of Asia

Who doesn’t love Asian food? There is a huge range of Eastern dishes that can be cooked on the barbecue and this ‘Taste of Asia’ explores just a few of them. A great many of the iconic Asian dishes are cooked in the street over live fire in a wok so are ideal for recreating on the barbecue. They are perfectly suited to cooking fish and chicken, noodles and vegetables. Once you have mastered the basics you can easily recreate the family’s favourites. These recipes can easily be cooked by even the novice pitmaster so don’t think you have to be an experienced barbecuer to learn how to cook tasty Eastern food. 

BBQ satay chicken

Taste of Italy

The basics of Italian cooking are covered in this 'Taste of Italy' course, from pasta, risotto, bread, pizza as well as classic meat dishes. You don’t have to be a hugely experienced barbecuer as Richard will take you through the recipes step by step. Learn that there is more to your grill than the usual BBQ fare of burnt bangers and burgers. Not everything on the barbecue has to be a meat feast, you can grill healthy, tasty Mediterranesn dishes just as easily as you can cook them in the kitchen. 

Bacon & mushroom risotto

These courses give you just a few ideas as to what is possible on your grill; once you have the confidence to master these then anything becomes possible!

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