How To Take Care Of A Japanese Maple (Acer) Growing In A Container

How To Take Care Of A Japanese Maple (Acer) Growing In A Container

Japanese maples are easy if placed in the right position

Plant the Acer in a loam based ericaceous compost, which drains well. Place a piece of crock over the hole in the bottom of the pot to prevent it silting up resulting in the plant sitting in cold wet compost in winter.

Place the plant out of the wind and out of the direct sun, it can stand the early morning and late afternoon sun, but midday sun will burn its leaves.

Make sure the pot is only a little larger than the pot it is bought in, a large pot will hold too much water in winter.

Keep it damp in summer; don’t let it dry out otherwise the edges of the leaves will turn brown.

As they are fairly slow growing they don’t need any pruning, just take out any dead or diseased branches. If you prune to keep in shape they often put on a spurt of growth, sending out long branches.

Feed in spring with a controlled-release ericaceous fertiliser.

Only re-pot when the pot is full of root and then only go up into a slightly larger pot.


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