How to store your Christmas wreaths and garlands

How to store your Christmas wreaths and garlands

Extend the life of your wreaths and garlands by storing correctly

Storing your wreaths and garlands correctly gives you a few extra years out of them and also makes putting them up the following year is much easier. If stored correctly you don’t even need to take off the lights and decorations.

Glittery Pomegranate Pine Wreath

Sturdy boxes to take the whole item without crushing the decorations would be ideal, however if you have fairly plain wreaths and garlands a wreath bag is a good option. If you are using plastic boxes make sure you leave one corner open to avoid condensation building. Your wreath could go mouldy and the damp will lift the paint off the baubles. As with the tree store somewhere dry and frost free. If the box isn’t all that robust protect the ornaments with a sheet of bubble wrap.

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If you store the tree in a bag then the tree box would be ideal for the garland as you can lie it out complete with lights and decorations, then all you have to do the following year is take it out and give it a couple of minutes tweaking.

If you have somewhere in a spare room where you can hang them on the wall, then just hang them using a wire coat hanger and cover them with a sheet to protect from the dust. The plastic sleeves you get over your dry cleaning are ideal for this.

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