How To Sow Sweet Pepper And Chilli Seed

How To Sow Sweet Pepper And Chilli Seed

Chillies and peppers are cheap and easy to grow, nutritious and versatile

There are a huge range of chillies and peppers from the mild, sweet peppers to the mind blowing Carolina Reaper measuring 2million Scoville units; which is the measure by which peppers are rated for their heat. They are easy to grow with just a couple of plants providing plenty of fruits. As they are fairly expensive to buy it makes sense to grow some. They can be grown either indoors or outside in a warm, sunny sheltered spot. If you only have a tiny plot or even a balcony they are ideal for growing in pots or growbags. A heated propagator is a great investment, for about £20 you can  hugely increase the variety of vegetables which can be grown.

They need sowing at the beginning of February as they need as long a growing season as possible in order to ripen the fruit. 


  You will need:

  • seed tray
  • seed
  • seed compost
  • heated propagator
  • label
  • tray of water
  • vermiculite

Fill the tray with good quality seed compost and tap on the bench to settle the compost.

Lightly sprinkle the seed over the surface of the compost.

Cover with a thin layer of Vermiculite; this provides an insulating layer which will protect the seed against any fluctuations in temperature.

Stand the tray in the tray of water for 10 - 15 minutes until the compost is damp.

Place in the heated propagator and place the propagator in a well lit position.

Make sure the seed is kept damp.

When the seedlings have grown to about 5cm (2") prick out into individual pots and grow on somewhere warm and light.

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