How To Plant Runner Beans In The Garden

How To Plant Runner Beans In The Garden

Runner beans at Sizergh Castle kitchen garden

Runner beans are easy to grow, don't need much space and give a good crop

Before planting Runner Beans in the ground wait until the soil has warmed; start them off in a greenhouse then plant them outside if you want to have an earlier crop. We have chosen 'St George' which is a heavy cropper and has been given the Award of Garden Merit. You will get a really good crop out of a small space, 60 x 60cm (2' x 2'), so they are well worth growing as they tend to be quite expensive in the supermarket. Pick them when they are quite young as they soon go tough and stringy; when they get like that even my goats won't eat them! Continuous picking will encourage them to produce more beans.

You will need:

  • 7’ canes
  • garden twine    
  • scissors
  • beans

Push the canes into the ground to form a framework about 45cm (18”) across. If you do not have a great deal of space arrange the canes in a circle about 60cm (24”) in diameter and tie the tops of them together to form a wigwam.

Runner beans growing up canes

Incorporate some Growmore into the soil, or dig a trench and put well-rotted manure in the bottom. Beans are greedy feeders and need a lot of water so grow them in a good humus rich, moisture retentive soil.

Push 2 beans into the soil at the base of each cane, about 5cm (2”) deep.

Water after planting and keep watering throughout summer otherwise the  beans will be tough.



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