How To Plant Non-Stop Begonias

How To Plant Non-Stop Begonias

Non-stop Begonias are cheap, easy and give huge impact all summer

One of the cheapest ways to achieve a fantastic burst of colour for summer is to plant up a windowsill trough with non-stop begonias; you can get a pack of 5 – 6 for under £5 and they will fill the trough. They like sun or dappled shade and will flower all summer from July to October. They are quite weather resistant, just keep them damp and they will be happy.

We have chosen a value pack of mixed non-stop begonias.

You will need:

multi-purpose compost
decorative trough
begonia corms
controlled-release fertiliser

Place a layer of crocks in the bottom of the trough, making sure that there are sufficient drainage holes. A lot of plastic window troughs do not come with drainage holes so you will have to do this before planting.

Fill the pot with good quality peat-free compost to within 2.5cm (1”) of the rim, mix in a couple of scoops of controlled-release fertiliser.

Push the corms into the compost, leaving the top of the corm just below the surface of the compost. Plant the corm with the hollow side upwards. We are putting all 6 into the window trough.

Cover with a thin layer of compost.

Water gently around the edges of the trough, avoiding pouring any onto the top of the corm as if water sits in the hollow the corm can go rotten.

Place in the greenhouse until all danger of frosts have past, usually after Chelsea Flower Show or maybe a little later in the north of the country.

Keep just damp.

If you haven't put any fertiliser into the compost, feed fortnightly throughout summer with a high potash feed such as Tomorite.


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