How To Make A ‘Fairy Garden’

How To Make A ‘Fairy Garden’

Create a home for your very own fairy

Do your children want their very own fairy living in the garden? It is so easy to make your own little garden in a container and wait for the fairy to move in. This is a lovely project for any of you busy parents to do with your children; and it has the added benefits of getting your children out into the fresh air.


First of all you need some sort of container; a plant pot, seed tray, old bucket; just make sure you have drainage holes in the bottom otherwise your fairy will drown when it rains. Fill it almost to the top with compost and you’re ready to start constructing your garden.

First of all you need to take a walk around the garden or into the countryside to gather materials. Keep an eye out for anything you would find in the garden: twigs to make trees and fences, small stones to make a path, moss, and lichen. If you don’t want to do this you can always buy the ingredients from our Gift Department, but half the fun is in collecting your own bits and pieces.

An essential in the garden is the Fairy Door through which your fairy can enter the garden. Another ‘must have’ is a nice cosy toadstool house. Make a path from the garden gate to the house with your stones or you can buy nice coloured stones from our Pets and Aquatic department. You can buy the garden gate and fencing or you can make your own from the twigs you gathered.

Place some painted cotton wool on your twigs and you have trees and bushes. Make a clothes line out of matchsticks and cotton then your fairy has somewhere to dry their wings. Don’t forget somewhere for the fairy to sit and relax in the garden when there are no humans around; the fairy’s froggy friends might also like a pond to chill out in.

Once you have perfected your 'Fairy Garden' place it somewhere outside in the garden or next to the door, anywhere you think would be a lovely spot for your fairy to live.


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