How To Maintain Your Garden Furniture

How To Maintain Your Garden Furniture

In order to maintain your furniture we have some information below for different furniture types & a selection of Garden Furniture Treatments. However, as well as treating your furniture we recommend that during the winter months your furniture is kept under cover. We have a superb range of furniture covers and should have one suitable for your set.

We have a general cover which is made from strong woven polythene and we also have a premium cover which is made from woven polyester material with a waterproof undercoat. Whichever you choose they will provide peace of mind during those winter months.

When covering your garden furniture you should leave enough room for circulation which will help prevent mould, and good way to prevent this is to leave the bottom half of a parasol pole underneath the cover which will also create a run off effect for rain water.

Care for Teak, Iroko & Roble Hardwood Furniture

In order to look after your Teak Furniture you can start oiling as soon as possible by brushing on evenly along the grain avoiding any overlaps. Do not apply if rain, dew or frost is likely before the treatment has time to dry.

When using a Hardwood Garden Furniture Protector it is more likely to seal the wood from any unfortunate spillages such as Red Wine.

Once you start oiling your Teak it is imperative that the process is maintained. If the wood is left untreated it will turn to a Silver-grey colour, in order to restore the wood you should give it light sanding and apply the oil with a cloth.

Protection you can use with this wood:
  • Cuprinol Hardwood Garden Furniture Protector (Clear/Teak finish) - This will protect the wood from any marks
  • Cuprinol Garden Furniture Teak Oil - Good for nourishing and protecting teak
  • Cuprinol Garden Furniture Teak Oil (Aerosol) - Good for nourishing and protecting teak
  • Teak cleaner - Designed to kill mould, mildew and spores inside teak
  • Teak protector - Maintains the gorgeous light-brown colour of teak for a longer time.

Care for Kwila Hardwood Furniture

Kwila wood (also known as Merbau) must go through a bleeding process before being oiled. This is when the wood releases a red/brown sap during wet or damp conditions, and should be placed on grass in order to prevent staining of patios. The bleeding process may be hastened when hosed down thoroughly several times. During the summer months this should take approximately 6 weeks and during a wet winter it should take approximately 3 weeks.

Once the wood has completed the bleeding process you are free to oil using Owatrol Textrol Oil.

If the wood has not been treated for a substantial amount of time, give the furniture a wash with a pressure washer, if available, then lightly sand.

Please note: this will not make the furniture return to its original colour it will only keep the wood oiled and protected.

Protection for this furniture is:
  • Owatrol Textrol Oil

Care for Oak Hardwood Furniture

Over a period of years oak will develop splits and cracks as it seasons, adding to its naturally beauty and uniqueness but not affecting the structure of the furniture.

During its first summer oak will benefit from regular attention whilst it is seasoning and after that it needs to be treated at least annually. Clean off dirt and dust with teak cleaner or warm water, a neutral soap and a soft cloth, allow to dry, then rub in oil with a soft cloth paying extra attention to end grains and joints. Use teak, Danish or boiled Linseed oil to treat your furniture. After the first summer of extra care the wood can be left to grey naturally with just an annual treatment, although it is possible to restore the original colour with thorough cleaning, sanding and oiling using a range of timber products.

Care for Eucalyptus Hardwood Furniture

When you purchase your Eucalyptus Hardwood Furniture it will have a Linseed factory finish, this should last approximately 2 weeks. Anytime after that you can start oiling your furniture.

Protection for this furniture is:
  • Cuprinol Furniture protector (Teak/Clear finish)
  • Alexander Rose timber treatment

Care for Pine Softwood Furniture

When using protection for Pine we would suggest Cuprinol Garden Furniture Finish. This should be applied using a synthetic brush, adding the protector 2-3 times depending on the degree of protection required (3 coats recommended)

The protection should not be added in direct sunlight or at temperatures below 5C. The furniture should be dry in approximately 1 hour.

Metal Furniture

Metal Furniture is perfect for those who want little or no treatment for their garden furniture.

In order to keep your furniture looking as new as the day you bought it all you should do is wash it down with hot soapy water. Keep an eye out for small chips or cracks in the outer coating as this will cause water to enter underneath the outer layer and ultimately cause rusting. If this does happen touch up kits are available in store, at no extra cost, and will help to seal up any damage caused by wear and tear. This treatment will also be suitable for furniture with Texteline chairs, although there are other specialist treatments available for the Texteline material:
  • Golden Care Cleaner for powder coated/painted furniture
  • 2 in 1 Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polisher for stainless steel furniture

Wicker Resin Furniture

Wicker Resin Furniture needs little care, just a wash down with hot soapy water. This furniture can last outside with temperatures as low as -4C however we would strongly recommend that it is covered during the winter months. You can also buy a specialist treatment for Wicker Resin furniture which is non-foaming:
  • Woven & sling cleaner

Care for Mosaic Tables

This type of table will be a focal point in most gardens and in order to keep it in the best possible condition it should be treated with hard beeswax or a specific stone cleaner & stone sealer. Sealers should be used regularly, in thin layers, to bring out the colour of the tiles and protect it from stains such as Tea, Coffee and Wine.
Wash down the table legs and chairs with hot soapy water whilst looking out for any sign of chips or cracks. If damage is apparent then use Hammerite as this will prevent rusting.

Protection for this furniture:
  • Hammerite Metal Paint
  • Hard Beeswax (available from most good retailers)
  • Stone Cleaner
  • Stone Protector

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