How To Dry Out Natural Rattan Or Cane Conservatory Furniture That Has Got Wet

How To Dry Out Natural Rattan Or Cane Conservatory Furniture That Has Got Wet

Natural rattan and cane conservatory furniture must be dried out quickly

Desser Windsor suite (pictured above)

Wet natural rattan and cane conservatory furniture must be dried out as quickly as possible in a warm environment with a good airflow. If left too long mould and mildew will soon take hold and the wood legs can swell and start to split. Applying heat from a gentle heat source, such as a hairdryer, will help speed up the drying process.

Remove the cushions and wash the covers according to the manufacturers’ instructions. If the inner foam pads have started to smell and go mouldy it would be better to replace them as removing that damp musty smell from the foam will be very difficult. 

If the area where the rattan furniture is used has a high level of humidity, such as a garden room where there are a lot of plants, it would be worthwhile investing in a a set constructed from good quality synthetic rattan, which can cope with all weathers, metal or resin. 




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