How To Dress Out Your Artificial Christmas Tree With PE Branches

How To Dress Out Your Artificial Christmas Tree With PE Branches

Make your artificial PE Christmas tree look just like a real forest tree

Pictured above: National Tree Nordic Spruce artificial Christmas tree

The majority of the artificial Christmas trees we sell here at Hayes Garden World have the branches constructed from a mixture of polyethylene (PE) and PVC. The PVC is inside the tree so that when you have decorated it with baubles, ribbon and florals you won’t be able to see them. If the tree was all PE it be a considerable weight as the PE is much, much heavier than the PVC, it is also a lot more expensive. An all PE tree would cost approximately 2½ times a PE/PVC mix tree. The PE branches are moulded on actual trees to give them that authentic ‘real tree’ look and once your tree is lit and decorated you won’t be able to tell the difference between that and a real tree; apart from the fact that you won’t have the mess to clear up!

Once you have your tree erected and lit you may need to twist the PE branch ends as there is a definite top and bottom to the PE; the bottom usually is flat and has a seam running down the centre. Pull out the side branches to an angle of 45 degrees. Unless your tree has a deliberate weeping habit, such as the Weeping Spruce, the branches will need to be angled slightly upwards as real conifer branches will grow angled upwards to receive as much sunlight as possible. Pull out the side branch PE tips towards the front of the tree and angle the PVC ones at the back slightly upwards to cover the tree pole. The top branches can be a little more horizontal as these will naturally receive more sunlight so have no need to grow upwards.

Hampton Spruce naturalistic artificial Christmas tree; also available frosted and pre-lit.

Make sure the branches are not too symmetrical as in nature there is no such thing as a perfectly regularly shaped tree.

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