How To Cook Whole Trout With Tarragon And Lemon On The Weber Spirit Gas BBQ

How To Cook Whole Trout With Tarragon And Lemon On The Weber Spirit Gas BBQ

Quick to cook, whole fish made simple with the fish basket

Cooking a whole fish on the Weber Spirit gas barbecue using the Weber fish basket couldn't be easier. The demonstrators are top BBQ chef Richard Holden and Ian Hodgett from the Hayes Garden World Barbecue Shop. The fish has been cleaned and gutted. Sliced lemons are placed on one side of the fish basket and the fish laid onto the lemon. Pieces of tarragon are then laid on top of the fish and a further layer of sliced lemons are placed over the fish. The basket is closed and placed onto the pre-heated BBQ and the lid closed.



  • whole trout; gutted and cleaned
  • 2 lemons
  • few sprigs of tarragon (can use parsley if preferred)


  • fish basket

The BBQ is pre-heated to a medium temperature and the fish then cooked over direct heat. After 7 – 10 minutes turn the fish over for another 7 – 10 minutes. Check if the fish is cooked; it should just fall apart. The lemon acts as a buffer between the heat and the fish enabling the fish to come clean off the fish basket. If you don’t use a buffer the fish tends to stick to the basket. The lemon and tarragon also gently infuses the fish. As the fish is cooked with the lemon and tarragon it doesn’t need any other accompaniments other than salad and some lovely buttery new potatoes.

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