How To Cook A Spatchcock Chicken On The Weber Genesis 11 BBQ

How To Cook A Spatchcock Chicken On The Weber Genesis 11 BBQ

Enjoy the juiciest chicken quickly and simply roasted on the BBQ

This is a really simple recipe for a straightforward roast chicken with roasted potatoes. The chicken has been spatchcocked (flattened) so that it cooks quicker and more evenly. Richard Holden, a top UK BBQ chef, takes you through the steps to removing the backbone and flattening the chicken in the video. The only essential tools you will need are a really good, large sharp knife and an Instant Read Thermometer.



  • whole chicken
  • baby potatoes
  • Maldon sea salt
  • ground black pepper
  • rapeseed oil

All you need to do is follow Richard’s instructions for removing the backbone, rub the chicken with the rapeseed oil and sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Place the potatoes in the bowl with some oil and sea salt and mix them around until they are all coated.

Set the BBQ up for indirect cooking, we have lit the 2 outside burners on fairly high and left the centre burner unlit. Let the BBQ come to about 200C (392F) then place the chicken and potatoes straight onto the grate over the unlit burner. You can place a Weber large Foil Drip Pan underneath the chicken to catch the juices if required.

The temperature will drop when you open the lid but don’t be tempted to turn up the burners as once you close the lid it will climb back up again. Leave the chicken and potatoes to cook for about 50 minutes then check with the thermometer, check in several places, especially where the flesh is thickest. Once the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 75C (167F) it is ready to come off. Remember the slogan ’75 staying alive’. Taking the chicken off at the correct temperature and cooking outside on the BBQ, which draws in the moist air, will guarantee really juicy, tender meat.

Spatchcock chicken and roast potatoes cooking on the Weber Genesis II BBQ

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