How do I plant up a strawberry hanging basket?

How do I plant up a strawberry hanging basket?

Celebrate summer with your own sweet, tasty, home-grown strawberries

Planting strawberry plants in a hanging basket is the ideal solution to a shortage of space or if you have a problem with slugs and snails. The disadvantages of planting in hanging baskets are you have to really be vigilant with watering, possibly twice a day in summer, and feeding. You can incorporate some balanced controlled-release fertiliser in the compost when you are planting them or once they start to flower feed fortnightly with a high potash feed, such as Tomorite.


 You will need:

  • multi-purpose compost
  • 3 strawberry plants
  • controlled-release fertiliser
  • water retention gel crystals
  • 12” hanging basket

If you are using a basket with a plastic liner cut drainage holes in the bottom.

Fill the basket with compost to within 5cm (2”) of the top.

Mix in a scoop of fertiliser and a scoop of water retention gel, this will act as a buffer if the weather is hot, allowing you time to water.

Place the plants evenly around the edge.

Fill in any gaps with compost.

Leave a little depression in the centre into which you can pour the water without it running straight off the top.


Strawberry foliage and flower

Hang up in the greenhouse to bring them on a little; they can be kept in the greenhouse or hung outside.

Feed fortnightly throughout summer with a high potash fertiliser, such as Tomorite, if you haven’t put in any controlled-released fertiliser.

Angela Slater

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