How To Choose Your Essential Barbecue Accessories

How To Choose Your Essential Barbecue Accessories

Make the most of your BBQ with just a few carefully chosen accessories

Weber Premium Barbecue Gloves are an absolute must if you want to avoid burned hands. They are resistant to the high temperatures barbecues can reach and also have silicone non-slip strips to prevent you dropping hot grates and equipment.

Weber BBQ Premium heat resistant gloves

An Instant Read Thermometer prevents you poisoning your guests due to undercooked meat, poultry and shellfish. Once you start probing meat to make sure it is cooked you will realise how easy it is to cook to perfection.

Weber Instant Read BBQ Thermometer

Tongs are also invaluable to prevent burns as they keep your hands away from the heat.

Weber BBQ tong set

A Warming Rack allows you to cook food and keep it warm when cooking even more tasty delights. This is really handy if you are cooking for a large number of people and the BBQ isn’t quite large enough to handle all your food at once; and for people like me who can’t quite seem to get the hang of getting all the different foods ready at the same time!

Weber BBQ with warming rack, rotisserie and instant read thermometer

This Rib Rack allows you to cook half a dozen racks of ribs without taking up too much space on the BBQ, which is really useful when cooking for a party. The spacing also allows the heat to circulate freely around the whole of the rack giving you a more even cook.

Kebabs are one of the easiest and most versatile types of food you can cook on the BBQ and these top quality Kebab Skewers are well worth the money as they will last you for years. Try fruit kebabs brushed with a honey glaze and served with an organic vanilla ice-cream for a change.

Weber Kebab skewer set

A Chimney Starter is absolutely essential for lighting your charcoal BBQ. It can cut the time spent from lighting to cooking to about 20 – 30 minutes. It cuts out the frustration of fiddling around trying to light the coals with crumpled newspaper and noxious firelighters.

Weber BBQ chimney starter

Griddles are a wonderful piece of BBQ equipment allowing you to expand your repertoire to a full English breakfast, drop scones, pancakes  -  the list is endless.

Weber BBQ griddle with English breakfast

If your BBQ can support an electric Rotisserie then I can highly recommend that you give one a try; once you have tasted your Sunday roast cooked slowly on your BBQ you definitely won’t be reverting back to the oven. Cooking on the rotisserie also frees up the grill allowing you to cook different foods for a large party. 

Pork joint being cooked on a Weber BBQ rotisserie

These are just a few of the huge array of accessories we have for sale on line and in the store and if you want more advice please ring one of our trained barbecue staff in The Barbecue Shop.

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