How Much Wood Do I Need To Cook On My Alfa Wood Fired Oven?

How Much Wood Do I Need To Cook On My Alfa Wood Fired Oven?

Cook delicious pizza with as little as 6 pieces of seasoned hardwood

The amount of wood you use in your Alfa will depend upon the temperature you are trying to achieve, obviously the hotter the temperature the more wood you are going to need. When lighting the fire we used about 16 small pieces of kindling then once it had got hold we put on 5 – 7 average sized pieces of timber and this achieved an average roasting and pizza temperature of 220 – 250C (428 – 482f). This was all we needed for cooking a few quick dishes such as pizza.


For a long cook we placed 3 pieces of unlit timber on the opposite side of the oven to the fire. This serves two purposes; it completely drives out any remaining moisture and it heats the logs so that when they are placed on the fire they combust almost immediately without any loss of temperature. The logs were about 20cm (8”) long with a diameter of 7.5cm (3”).


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