How Long Does It Take To Bring An Alfa Wood Fired Oven Up To Cooking Temperature?

How Long Does It Take To Bring An Alfa Wood Fired Oven Up To Cooking Temperature?

Start cooking in only 15 minutes from lighting your pizza oven

Alfa wood fired pizza ovens are constructed from high performance heat retention materials, developed over 40 years to Alfas own unique specifications. The Alfa ForninoxTM technology combines an oven floor made from traditional refractory tiles and a nickel-free stainless steel dome. The dome is insulated with ceramic refractory fibre and is heat resistant to 1260C (2300F).


 The oven can reach a temperature of 350C (662F) in only 15 minutes.

Watch the video to see the easiest way to light the oven.

The interior of the oven can reach a maximum temperature of 600C (1112F). The insulation properties mean that the oven can maintain a consistant temperature allowing you to roast, bake, grill and of course cook pizza. Specific temperature is acheived by controlling the amount of fuel you use. For maximum efficiency use only kiln dried hardwood, softwoods will leave a sticky resin on the oven floor and will burn out quite quickly.


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