Weeping Spruce artificial christmas tree
Angela Slater
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Weeping Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Recreate the forest with this life-like Weeping Spruce Christmas tree

This Weeping Spruce Christmas tree, from The National Tree Company, has been stocked by us for several years and no matter how many we buy we always sell out as they are one of the most realistic trees on the market. Most artificial Christmas trees are a traditional straight-sided pyramid shape but the Weeping Spruce has the branches arranged more randomly; this combined with the drooping branch ends and a pleasing mid green colour gives you an extremely realistic looking tree. Although the branch ends droop they are still strong enough to take the weight of your ornaments.



They come in a full width and a slim version; ranging in height from 90cm (3’) to 240cm (8’). The 90cm and 120cm trees come in a pot so just need standing in a ceramic garden pot to ensure that they are stable. The tree will be delivered in a sturdy box which can be used to store the tree for subsequent years. The ends of the central pole will have plastic caps fitted; this has nothing to do with the construction of the tree, it is just there to prevent injury to anyone handling the tree due to the pole piercing the packaging. If it arrives to you broken it does not affect the tree, it just means that it has done its job and can be discarded.

To assemble the larger trees just take the stand out of the box and pull into an X shape; insert the bottom section of tree, the largest and heaviest, place into the stand and tighten up the screws. Sometimes the branches are tied with a piece of wire which looks like a branch; it is not part of the tree so please don’t think that your tree is falling to pieces. The branches are all hinged so you don’t have to faff around inserting each individual branch. Then make sure all the branches have fallen down and starting nearest the trunk pull the branches into place filling in any gaps. There are side branches at the front of the largest bottom branches, these need pulling out to an angle of 45 degrees and then dressing out as you have done for the others.

Insert the middle section and dress out as you did for the bottom; the final top section is easiest to dress out before you place it on top of the tree. Make sure you pull up the leading branch, it can be folded down against the tree pole, otherwise the tree will be a lot smaller than advertised. The branches are a mixture of 40% PE (polyethylene) and 60% PVC. The PE branches are moulded on branches from real trees and are arranged all around the outside of the tree. The PVC is on the inside where it won’t be visible once you have decorated the tree. The PE element is fairly expensive which is why most trees are a mixture, as 100% PE would prove too costly for most budgets. This arrangement is known as ‘Feel Real’ technology; so if you see a tree advertised as ‘Feel Real’ you can be assured that it is a good quality product. Another way of making sure you have a superior tree is to check the number of tips; the more tips the thicker the tree. Some Christmas tree retailers sell products with the same or similar names to the best sellers from National Tree; they will be a lot cheaper but they will also have substantially fewer tips resulting in a sparse looking tree. 

Weeping Spruce artificial Christmas tree

This Weeping Spruce is also available as a slim-line version, ideal for the modern home or that tight corner that won’t take a full sized version. As these trees look just like a forest tree they really suit a naturalistic rustic style of decoration; the current fashion for birch bark decorations are ideal. Buying the pre-lit version can really cut down on the time spent setting up the tree and saves all that frustration of untangling strings of lights, no matter how carefully you pack them away they always seem to appear the following year as an electronic version of a rat’s nest. The lights are warm white LEDs which have replaceable bulbs so should a bulb blow we will supply them free of charge for 5 years. These lights are estimated to last an average of 50,000 hours.

The life-time warranty is also valid for this period; click here to read the full details. If you still have trouble with the lights after you have tried all the suggestions in the troubleshooting blog (click here to read the article) just ring one of the sales team on 015394 82333 or click on the ‘callback’ feature and one of the team will call you within minutes, or if it outside normal office hours, as soon as the office reopens (Monday – Saturday 09:00 – 17:30, Sunday 10:00 – 17:30). 

All our artificial trees are sold with a 5 year warranty and we are proud of the service we offer, but occasionally things do go wrong so if you have concerns about any part of the ordering process, delivery or the tree itself please just call our sales team. On occasion the phones will be very busy so just leave a message and someone will phone back as soon as they become available.