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Gazebos & Marquees

The British summer weather is often the butt of many jokes but sometimes the sun does shine and most of us need some sort of protection when sitting in the garden. Mesh side curtains are available for the majority of the marquees so not only are you protected from the direct glare of the sun when it’s overhead but these curtains will offer protection when it drops a little lower in the sky. The curtain sides also provide some protection from insects. Most of these gazebos and marquees can be fixed to the ground, making them a semi-permanent structure able to withstand slightly stronger winds than the free-standing parasols. Not only can they provide shelter for your furniture but also the barbecue, so you can grill in a light shower, torrential rain might be a stretch too far! The dedicated Grillzebo also includes 6 stools and 2 side bars enabling your guests to sit with a drink and chat while you cook. FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £50 to most UK mainland addresses.  

Gazebos & Marquees
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Gazebos & Marquees








Gazebo and Marquee Buyers Guide

A garden gazebo or marquee is an ideal solution to the problem of shielding ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. We have designs to suit both a contemporary outdoor living and entertaining space to the rustic timber designs which perfectly complement a traditional English garden. They are large enough to cover a whole dining or lounge garden furniture set or small enough to tuck into a hidden corner where you can grow scented climbers up the sides and just chill out away from the world for a couple of hours. All our garden furniture is sourced by our experienced buyers Keith Laird and Ian Hodgett who, between them, have around 60 years experience working in the garden centre sector. We only use well respected suppliers such as Hartman, Norfolk Leisure and Zest 4 Leisure, so you can be assured of complete satisfaction with your purchase. If there is not a garden gazebo or marquee maybe a garden parasol would fit the bill. 

Why do I need a gazebo or marquee?

A timber gazebo can provide the ideal focal point in a sunny corner of your garden and also give you the opportunity of growing delicious scented climbers. It also gives you the ideal spot to sit and relax while admiring your hard work or just to escape and recharge your batteries for a couple of hours. The garden marquees are large enough to provide shade from harmful UV rays for the whole garden furniture set, vital if you have young children. Side curtains attach to the marquees to give you added protection both from the sun and a slight breeze. We also stock gazebos specifically designed to protect your barbecue so no longer do you need to consign it to the back of the garage in autumn and winter; use it to free up space in your oven by cooking the Christmas turkey on your grill. Check out our blogs and videos showing you how to do this, just click here.

What materials are they made from?

We stock timber gazebos to suit a more traditional garden but  we also stock marquees made from aluminium and powder coated steel with polycarbonate roofs which are more suited to a contemporary outdoor living and entertaining space. The curtains are polyester so easy to wash and quick to dry.

Do they give full UV protection?

Some of the garden gazebos and marquees do give full UV protection but others, such as those with a Textaline roof, do not give a great deal of protection.

Will they give protection from wind and rain?

The timber gazebos and marquees with polycarbonate roofs do give full protection from the rain but those with a polyester canopy will only turn a very light rain shower. The curtain sides of the garden marquees do not offer any protection from the wind or a heavy rain shower. Always make sure your garden gazebo or marquee is well secured to the floor and if possible take down a polyester canopy in winter and if a high wind is forecast.

How much maintenance do they need?

The garden gazebos constructed from timber will need a treatment to keep them looking pristine and to enable them to last as long as possible; it will need redoing every 3 - 4 years. The garden gazebos and marquees constructed from powder coated steel and aluminium only need a wash down in spring with a mild soap and warm water solution and any accumulated dirt and grit brushed off. If the steel or aluminium frame gets scuffed or scratched just touch up with some car paint or a dab of nail varnish. The polyester curtain sides of the marquees will need a wash every spring. Polycarbonate roofs will need brushing off every now and again and a wash down with a mild soap and warm water solution to remove any algae or bird droppings.