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Rattan Garden Furniture Sets

The resin weave that is used in the manufacture of our garden furniture is the best possible quality and built to last. It is dyed all the way through so if it gets scratched it won’t show. It is UV stable so won’t fade in the sun and is also resistant to staining from suntan lotion and liquids such as red wine. There is a style of resin weave furniture to suit every outdoor space situation from the traditional to the contemporary. Choose from a single chair, dining sets to seat up to 8 people, 2 seat bistro sets, lounge sets and sun loungers. Some sets also include a parasol but if not just go to the parasol sale pages to complete your set. Make your outdoor space really work for you and use it as an extra room where you can chill out and entertain family and friends. Adding a barbecue, some lighting and some form of garden heating enables you to use the space for longer in the evening and also on cooler autumn days, after all barbecues are not just for summer. Most of our furniture does not require covering but if falling leaves or bird droppings are a problem over winter a breathable cover would offer some protection. Call our friendly sales team if you have any queries about the furniture or are unsure which cover fits your set.

Rattan Garden Furniture Sets
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Keith Laird
Buying Director
Keith has spent almost all his career, from being a teenager, working at Hayes Garden World. As such he has profound knowledge of Hayes customers and can always predict the latest garden trends and which garden furniture our customers will find the most appealing. He has been the chief furniture buyer for several years; at the heart of his buying strategy is quality and value for money. He was the head of the Tillington garden centres buying consortium, responsible for sourcing competitively priced garden furniture while maintaining the quality our customers have grown to expect. We source our furniture not only from the UK but also Europe and Asia. The suppliers we deal with are all respected in their field for their outstanding quality and customer service, value for money and up to the minute design. Many of our suppliers are regular exhibitors at the Chelsea Flower Show which has a reputation for featuring the world’s best products and services. As such have built up a reputation that means as soon as you hear their name you know you can depend 100% on your garden furniture. We have such faith in our furniture that we extend the manufacturer’s guarantee for a further one or two years.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our rattan weave garden furniture is constructed from the best quality materials giving you a long-lasting, comfy, stylish set of garden furniture. 
When it comes to rattan resin weave garden furniture the more you pay the better the quality and the longer it will last so always buy at the top end of your budget. Cheap garden furniture is cheap for a reason, it uses poor quality materials which will rust and the weave will only be dyed on the surface which can transfer to your clothes when damp or when you wear suntan lotion. A flimsy frame with soon collapse with regular use. 
All our furniture is constructed to the highest standards using only the best quality materials so with reasonable use you can expect it to last at least 15 years.  
All our rattan weave garden furniture requires virtually no maintenance just a quick wash down in spring with a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water.
Yes all our furniture is guaranteed for at least 12 months with many styles having 2 years. The warranty covers defective materials and workmanship not damage sustained as a result of adverse weather conditions. Our Customer Services team will sort out any problems so you don't need to negotiate with the supplier.

Rattan Garden Furniture Buyers Guide

Rattan garden furniture is by far our biggest seller as it is completely weatherproof, it can be left outside uncovered all year and is virtually maintenance free. All it needs is sweeping off and washing down with a mild soap and warm water solution in early spring, then you are all set for the rest of the summer. There are great differences in the quality of the weave, all our weave is of the highest quality. It is dyed throughout so if it does scratch it will not be visible. The dye is colourfast so you can sit on the furniture covered in suntan lotion and the colour won't rub off on your skin. The cheaper weave sets are only dyed on the outside and the colour will come off onto your clothes if it becomes damp. The frames of our furniture are constructed from rust-proof aluminium which means it will last for years whereas the cheaper sets are constructed from cheaper materials which will rust, which will then be transferred to your clothes.

The styles of rattan furniture are much more contemporary than traditional wood. They are better suited to a modern way of life and perfectly at home in a chic urban outdoor living space and are far more comfortable than the wooden garden furniture or metal garden furniture. All our outdoor garden furniture is sourced by Keith Laird and Ian Hodgett, who have approximately 60 years experience between them, in the garden leisure sector. They travel widely to Europe and Asia to make sure our customers only get the best possible quality from the industries top manufacturers. Having gained all their experience at Hayes they have an intimate knowledge of our customers likes and dislikes. 

Rattan furniture from the bottom end of the quality scale could very likely be constructed from a much less robust material than Hayes rattan weave garden furniture. The colour may only be applied to the outside, which could rub off onto clothes, whereas our rattan is dyed throughout the whole of the material. Furniture only dyed on the surface will show scratches whereas furniture dyed throughout the resin will not show any scratches. Garden furniture from the budget end could also use a cheap steel frame which will rust and seep through the weave, again with the possibility of staining clothes. All our resin weave garden furniture has a rust-proof aluminium frame. The actual resin strands of a good quality set should not break and unravel whereas the cheaper weave will eventually break due to it not being photo-stable and eventually becoming brittle as it receives too much sunlight.

When it comes to rattan resin weave garden furniture the more you pay the better the quality, as explained in the above paragraph there are considerable disadvantages to buying a budget set. Cutting edge design also comes at a premium but if you have a minimalist chic urban outdoor space and regularly entertain then this is definitely the best option. All our furniture is constructed from the best quality materials from the industry leaders, including Supremo, Bramblecrest and Norfolk Leisure. All our quality garden furniture carries the Hayes warranty and if you do need assistance our Customer Services team are happy to help should you have any queries either before or after you have made your purchase.

If you do not wish to spend any time re-varnishing and scrubbing off the winter algae then resin weave is definitely the outdoor furniture for you as it is virtually maintenance free. All it needs is a quick wash down in spring with a weak soap and warm water solution to remove any accumulated dust and grit from the weave.

A good quality set of rattan garden furniture used under normal conditions should last at least 15 years; just make sure it is secured over winter and not left to blow around the patio and given a wash down in spring to remove any accumulated dirt.

If you wold like more information just click the links to read the blogs: How to have your ideal outdoor space, How to keep rattan furniture outdoors in winter and How to clean rattan garden furniture.