Why buy LED Christmas lights?

Why buy LED Christmas lights?

Lights are one of the essentials of Christmas and can be used in many situations

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How economical is LED Christmas lighting?

LED Christmas lights are 5 to 10 times more economical than the traditional Christmas light bulbs.

The reason for this is that LED lighting uses less power, which results in a saving of energy costs straight away. Furthermore LED lighting guarantees a long lifespan and the light bulbs are unbreakable.

What is the function of a timer on Christmas lights?

The timer prevents unnecessary energy usage.

All of our Lumineo Christmas lights come with a timer, which is a time switch that controls when the lights go on and off. This prevents energy wastage.

How much does is cost to light a Christmas tree?

The cost of lighting your tree 30 days and 8 hours per day is less than 1 pound.

The energy usage of Christmas lights for one month is comparable with watching television for 8 hours a day or one cycle of washing. Also, often when we switch on our Christmas lights, we don’t put any additional lighting on.

Why is Energy label G put on the packaging?

Since 1.9.21 the new European law on lighting items has come into force. Based on this Lumineo is obliged to put the energy label on the packaging. This label determines the ratio between light output and energy consumption. The label doesn’t say much about the energy efficiency. Christmas light are mainly there to create atmosphere and therefore have not got a high light output. This is the reason why the label is marked with a G.

Which lighting needs an energy label?

The energy label only applies to the ‘’warm white’’ Christmas lighting that has a plug and has a light strength of more than 60 lumen. This product category falls within the European standard (ERP Directive 2009/125/EC). Battery lights, solar lights and lights, which have a light output of less than 60 lumen don’t need an energy label. This also applies for LED lights with a different colour, i.e classic warm, cool white, changing colours or multi colours- they all don’t need an energy label.

How energy efficient is the Lumineo Christmas lighting with energy label G?

Lumineo LED lighting stands out for atmosphere and is low in energy.

Cost per month:

  • 1 kWh  £0.08  
  • 2 kWh  £0.16
  • 4 kWh  £0.33
  • 6 kWh   £0.50
  • 7 kWh  £0.58
  • 8 kWh   £0.67
  • 9 kWh   £0.75
  • 15 kWh   £1.26

What about the old stock of warm white string lighting?

Lighting that is imported before the new European standard came into force can be sold without an energy label. Your old stock of Christmas lighting does not need to have an energy label on the packaging. The article itself is still of the same quality.

Our lighting team in the Christmas department at Hayes can answer all your queries and help you buy the perfect lights for your needs, whether it be a tree, dining table, outdoors or just to pop into a vase with some glass baubles.

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