What Weber BBQ Accessories Are There And How Do I Use Them?

What Weber BBQ Accessories Are There And How Do I Use Them?

Increase your BBQ cooking skills with one of the Weber accessories

Digital Thermometer, Instant Read

The Instant Read digital thermometer is an absolutely essential piece of BBQ equipment if you want to avoid the dreaded salmonella, as it lets you cook your meat and fish to precisely the correct temperature to avoid any under-cooking. If you love pulled pork it ensures that you cook it to the right temperature to allow you to pull it apart easily. The digital read is bold and clear and reads as soon as you insert the probe into the meat.

Drip trays

Not only do these catch drips but they can also be filled with water to add extra moisture to your meat. You can also use them to hold the flavoured wood chips to add that extra bit of smokiness to your food. They also make great baking trays for cakes, brownies, lasagne and savoury gratins.

Chicken and roast vegetables cooked on the BBQ with Weber drip tray

Dutch Oven

The cast-iron of this Dutch Oven ensures an even heat distribution so not only can it be used for stews and soups but also as an oven for baking bread and cakes. It fits into your Gourmet Barbecue System

Fish Baskets

No more broken fish trying to turn it over on the grill, these baskets hold the fish securely so that it can be turned with ease to achieve that lovely charred effect on both sides.

Flavorizer Bars

These bars fit over the burner tubes and produce a more uniform heat. The fat hits the bars and gives off a small amount of smoke which gives the food that characteristic BBQ flavour. They also prevent the fat directly hitting the flame and causing flare-ups and also prevent the fat clogging the gas jets, which impairs the heat distribution which in turn causes the food to cook unevenly.

Gourmet Barbecue System Grates

This grate features a 30cm removable central section which accommodates some of the accessories such as the wok, Dutch oven, sear grate and griddle. Some of the higher end models have this feature as standard but it can also be purchased separately for the 57cm kettle charcoal barbecues, the Summit and the Genesis ranges.


There are various griddles available to fit any of the Weber BBQs, including one to fit into the Gourmet Barbecue System. If you want breakfast from the BBQ, pancakes, drop scones, potato or fish cakes then one of these griddles is an absolute must.

Grill and Vegetable Baskets

Barbecuing is not all about the meat; these baskets are essential for grilling vegetables. The cut outs allow the veggies and small pieces of meat to absorb that distinctive smokey BBQ flavour. 

Weber BBQ with rotisserie, warming rack, instant read digital thermometer and vegetable trays

Weber Spirit BBQ with Rotisserie, Warming Rack, Grill and Vegetable Baskets and Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Kebab Set

This kebab rack holds up to 5 skewers of kebabs and is designed for those grills which are unable to take the rotisserie skewer system. Remember that you can not only kebab meat, fish and veggies but also fruit which is gorgeous served with a lovely Chantilly cream.

Pizza stone

Barbecues are not just for burning the odd sausage and burger; they also cook beautiful crispy pizzas in just a few minutes. There is a choice of sizes of Weber pizza stone, 36cm and a smaller 26cm; so whatever the size of your BBQ there is a pizza stone to fit. To go with these stones there is also the pizza cutter and pizza paddle, which makes getting the pizza off the grill a doddle. The stones are made from cordierite which is the Rolls Royce of the pizza stones, outlasting steel and ceramic. These stones can withstand rapid temperature fluctuations; which means that they can go from extreme heat to extreme cold without cracking. Just wait until your BBQ has reached its full temperature, place the stone over medium direct heat, wait for it to heat up, about 25 minutes, then put on your pizza. Pull down to lid to maintain the heat and 5 - 10 minutes later your pizza is ready.

Poultry Roaster for the Gourmet Barbecue System

This poultry roaster has a cup in the centre to hold your beer can for the Beer Can Chicken and space round the outside for your vegetables. The whole roaster is perforated to allow an even flow of heat around your meat and vegetables and to allow the juices to drip onto the Flavorizer Bars which imparts that smokey BBQ flavour to your food.

Poultry Infusion Roaster, Style

This versatile piece of kit can be used to cook delicious roast chicken but also to bake cakes. Pour your beer or stock into the central container or else insert a can of beer, place the chicken on top and plug the neck of the chicken with the stopper; this keeps the moisture inside the chicken. Place vegetables in the base of the container around the chicken. The non-stick ceramic coating makes it ideal for cooking cakes; just lightly butter it before pouring in your mixture. Place a Drip Pan upside down in an area of indirect heat then place your cake on top of this, to ensure an even air-flow around the cake. Pull down the lid and check the cake about half-way through; it is ready when it is springy to touch and an inserted skewer comes out clean. Don’t keep opening the lid otherwise the temperature will drop and the cake won’t rise.

Poultry roaster

This original roaster just takes a can of beer and a chicken; the beer evaporates and moistens the chicken from the inside. This can be used on any of the larger gas or charcoal models where there is room to close the lid.


A rotisserie enables you to evenly cook a joint, which makes it ideal for pork as you get that lovely crispy crackling and sweet succulent meat. The rotisserie skewer system is an absolute must for all you kebab fans. Cooking your meat in this manner frees up space on your grill, so is invaluable if you are entertaining.

Rib racks

 These allow you to cook 5 racks of ribs without taking up too much space on the grill; it will take all sizes from baby ribs to the larger racks. Racks are also available that double up as a roasting rack; turn it upside down and you have a rack in which to grill your larger cut of meat.

Pork joint cooking on the rotisserie on the Weber BBQ

Rotisserie Basket, Original

This cooks potato wedges, chopped vegetables or small pieces of meat to perfection. Just place the pieces in a plastic bag with the seasoning, rub around until they are all coated, tip into the basket, place on the BBQ and enjoy the result. It’s as easy as that.

Sear grate

This accessory fits into the centre of your Gourmet Barbecue System and quickly sears your meat, poultry, fish or vegetables with the distinctive sear pattern. The heat is evenly distributed across the whole surface so a nice even sear is guaranteed.


The trivet protects your surfaces from any of your hot BBQ accessories such as the Pizza Stone or the Dutch Oven.

Waffle/sandwich iron

Toasted sandwiches, waffles and even toast can be made on this versatile piece of equipment which fits into the centre of your Gourmet Barbecue System.  Let it heat up for 5 – 8 minutes then butter the 4 compartments, pour in your waffle batter, cook for 6 – 8 minutes then turn the iron over and cook the reverse side for another 6 – 8 minutes. Serve with maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream. To make sandwiches and toast just turn over the waffle plate in the iron and there you have a toasted sandwich maker.

Warming Rack

These are available for most sizes of BBQ and are really handy if cooking for a large party and you want to serve the food all at once instead of serving up dishes separately as they come off the grill.


The wok fits into the Gourmet Barbecue System and is invaluable for stir fries and risottos.

Weber BBQ, wok and wok tool set

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